By Spc. David Hodge

4th Infantry Division public affairs

A 4th Infantry Division soldier received the third-highest award for valor in the U.S. Armed Forces during a Christmas formal held Dec. 14 at the Killeen Civic Conference Center.

The command team of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, Lt. Col. Matt Elledge, and acting battalion command sergeant major, Sgt. Maj. Timothy Guden, presented Staff Sgt. Jimmy Brown, a tank commander assigned to Delta Company.

“I knew of the situation that surrounded Brown’s nomination for the Silver Star, so I was honored to be able to pin it on him,” said Elledge, the regiment’s commander.

Brown was awarded the medal for his actions with the 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, deployed with the Ivy Division in 2006 during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2005-07.

Elledge served as the executive officer of the 2nd Brigade at the same time as Brown. He heard of Brown’s reputation as a good noncommissioned officer and his action’s during the Salem Street Battle in the heart of a Mahdi Militia stronghold, for which Brown earned the Silver Star.

“So we have some history together,” Elledge said. “He is a tremendous NCO.”

In October 2006, Brown’s entire tank platoon was ambushed by anti-Iraqi forces while conducting a combined forces operation with the 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team and the Iraqi army.

Brown’s actions saved his comrades and equipment from being overrun by the enemy fighters.

“To be able to recognize Staff Sgt. Brown for his valorous actions, and do it on behalf of his old unit’s command team was special,” Guden said. “Brown is a young, bright, motivated leader with a wealth of combat experience.”

Guden said that noncommissioned officers, such as Brown, continue to bring their experience and expertise to the forefront, teaching the Army’s newest soldiers how to fight in combat zones, such as Iraq.

“He’s a proven combat veteran and can obviously execute under fire and that holds much value for this battalion,” Elledge said.

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