Wow! After a lot of hard work, eating right and determination, my partner, Diane Thomas, and I won the Biggest Loser competition. I really have never won anything in my life. We are so excited. Heritage Park is really the best gym I have ever been to. Jessica Davis is not only a trainer there as a job, she literally cares what you’re eating and how hard you're pushing yourself. Without that support I doubt we would have had the same results .

It was fun to hear the other girls say, “You guys were the ones that were always behind! Now you’re the winners!” With that many people in the competition and to win was such a huge accomplishment. It just goes to show that no matter what is going on in your life there is time for yourself and your health. I am now off my blood pressure pills and my clothes are fitting. My husband is going to join me in my next Biggest Loser challenge, and I am so excited to do this with him. We don’t get to do much together - just he and I with no kids - so this will be a great experience.

My next goal is to lose so much weight that my clothes no longer fit, and then I can go shopping...which is my favorite thing to do! I also want to be able to run a 5k. That would be amazing. My 9-year-old has now gotten into Zumba. She saw me do it all the time at the gym and she loves it so we have it for the xbox.

This was all around an amazing experience. To have the support of my family, friends, trainers and my job (Killeen Daily Herald) made even more amazing. Now we are off to claim our prize - a weekend in Dallas.

If I can help motivate you in your own journey to better health and fitness, please don’t hesitate to friend me at

Kristen Carmona, 35, entered The Biggest Loser contest through her local gym. Follow along as she shares the struggles and victories of her weight loss journey.

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