Biggest Loser Workout

“I’ve worked all day…"

“I have to cook the kids dinner…”

“I’m tired…”

Does this sound familiar? These are some of the excuses we use to not get to the gym or take the time to cook healthy. I have had these excuses for far too long. What it comes down to is, if you want to you will do it.

This week was great. Down 8 pounds so far. One of my my excuses was that it costs more money to cook healthy. Buying all the meat and fresh produce added up. What I have noticed is, I am actually saving money and time. On Sunday, I prepare a few meals in advance so I have time to go to the gym. I have started on protein shakes and that’s saving time and money for sure. In the morning, I make a shake for breakfast with 1 scoop of protein, ½ banana, ice, water and a few frozen strawberries. Then I'm out the door. Then I make another one after the gym at night. Not only am I losing weight, but it's saving me money.

My Biggest Loser partner  invited her friend along to workout with us. She has been working out with the military for quite some time now and sure knows what to do. It will be nice to reach her level eventually. The trainers at my gym are amazing as well. We have had a couple sessions with a trainer named Amber. She is really good and is so motivating while she trains you. That’s the best part about my gym. Everyone is there for you. They are all there to help whether they work there or workout there. So far, I have not dreaded going to the gym like I usually would.

Saturday was our Biggest Loser workout. It's always fun to see who wins. Everyone cheers on each other and just does the best they can. We did a group picture after so you can see how many people are involved.

What are the excuses that come to your mind about fitness and being healthy? If you're like me, there are a lot. But when you really want to do it, the excuses go away.

Kristen Carmona, 35, entered The Biggest Loser contest through her local gym. Follow along as she shares the struggles and victories of her weight loss journey.

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