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Tuesday 07/29/2014
Morning Roundup

Happy Tuesday everyone. There was some major breaking news out of Bell County at the start of this week. Here's a chance to catch up on everything that going on.

Man Pleads Guilty To Murder

- A Killeen man who shot and stabbed a woman to death in a downtown apartment in December 2013. After killing the woman, he got into a standoff with Killeen police.

SUV Crashes Into Temple Bank

- An SUV crashed into the front of a bank in Temple.

Bell County Border Security

- Bell County Commissioners passed a resolution against housing undocumented immigrants. The resolution is symbolic in nature, and does not mandate that law enforcement withhold any services or  from federal officials.

Blotter 7/28/14   

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Thursday 07/24/2014
KPD Community Forum Tonight

Instead of the usual morning roundup, I wanted to let eveyone know about that the Killeen Police Department is hosting a community forum tonight at its north Killeen precinct location.

The forum starts at 6 p.m. , and the North precinct is located at 402 N. Second St.

The forum is held in collaboration with several groups and offers residents a chance to exchange ideas and concerns with the department. The chief and/or other high ranking members of the department will likely be there to address questions and concerns from attendees.

You can read my coverage of the last forum to get an idea of what's in store tonight.

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Tuesday 07/22/2014
Morning Roundup 7/22/2014

There was a lot of breaking news this morning and the roundup is a little late. but it's technically still "morning", as of this post.

Anyway, here is today's top crime stories.

Man Accused Of Child Indecency

- A man arrested for fondling a minor inside a Killeen thrift store Saturday had a previous arrest for the same offense in 2012, according to police records.

Belton PD Seeks Surveillance Videos

- Belton police are asking local residents and businesses to voluntarily submit surveillance videos to help them solve crimes.

Blotter 7/21/14

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Monday 07/21/2014
Morning Roundupp 7/21/14

Hope your Monday morning is going well. Here's some of our top crime stories from over the weekend.

Suit Against Accused Embezzler In Legal Limbo

- A civil lawsuit against Hubert Kott is tied up in the Bell Coutny Court system. The civil suit is frozen until  the criminal embezzlement case against Kott is settled.

Three Plead Guilty In Identity Theft Ring

- Two men and a woman from Killeen pleaded guilty last week to their roles in a tax fraud ring that resulted in more than $490,000 in fraudulent tax refunds.

Blotter 7/20/14

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Thursday 07/17/2014
Morning Roundup 7/17/14

I have some fresh breaking news this morning for you all.

Also, KDHnews.com no longer has a paywall. You are no longer limited to a set amount of articles online without a subscription.

Killeen Man Found Dead In Jamaica

- A 44-year-old Killeen man was found dead at an all inclusive resort in Kingston Jamaica. The man went missing Sunday. Jamaican authorities have not released a cause of death.

Man Threatened To Kill KPD Officer 10 Times

- A Killeen man was indicted Wednesday for threatening the life of the police officer. The man threatened to strangle the officer "like a pig", police said. An arrest affidavit said the man threatened to kill the officer at least 10 times.

DNA Leads To Arrest In 2011 Burglary

- A man was arrested for a three-year-old burglary, after police used DNA from a blood smear left at the scene to find him.

Blotter 7/16/14

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Wednesday 07/16/2014
Morning Roundup 7/16/14

There was some pretty important news that came out of the Killeen City Council last night. Here are the highlights from myself and Herald reporter Natalie Stewart.

Killeen Officials Propose Higher Raise For Police And Fire

- Killeen's civil service employees could see as much as an eight percent increase in their pay. City officials say it necessary to remain competitive with other area police and fire departments.

Violent Crime Down, Vehicle Burglaries Up in 2013

- The Killeen police department released official crime rate statistics for 2013 for the state and federal Uniform Crime Report. While the report does not track all types of crime, it is a window into the city's crime rate for the previous year.

KPD Explorers Win Awards At State Competition

- Not crime per-say, but a group of Killeen teens in the KPD's Explorer Program took home several awards from a state competition last weekend.  It was their very time competing. Congrats KPD explorers!

Blotter 7/15/14

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Tuesday 07/15/2014
Morning Roundup

Good morning everyone. Here are to the top crime stories for Monday and Tuesday.

Ex-Salado Teacher Gets 8 Years Probation

- The former Salado teacher and football coach accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old student was sentenced to eight years deferred adjudication. 

Man Pleads Guilty In Temple Murder Case

- Willie Frank Roberson, 44, of Temple, pleaded guilty to the June 2013 beating death of Michael Carl Davis, 43, of Temple. The case is set for sentencing Sept. 15

Killeen Burglar Who Was Shot Sentenced

- A 23-year-old combat veteran was sentenced to five years deferred adjudication for a burglary he committed in late December 2013. The man was shot while committing the crime.

Blotter 7/14/14

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Friday 07/11/2014
Morning Roundup 7/11/14

It's finally Friday!

Here's today latest crime stories. Make sure you check out the other news on main page, or visit our Facebook page for breaking news updates throughout the day.

Man Pleads Not Guilty In KPD Officer's Death

- Marvin Louis Guy appeared in Bell County District Court Thursday to enter a plea of "not guilty" to a charge of capital murder. Guy is accused of killing Killeen Police Department Detective Charles Dinwiddie during a May 9 shootout.

Man Accused of Choking His Wife

- A Bell County man was arraigned on a felony charge Thursday, after police said he slapped and choked is wife during an argument.

SXSW Driver To Appear In Court Sept. 9

- The Killeen man accused of killing four and injuring dozens of others by running his car into a crowd at Austin's South By Southwest music festival won't appear in court again until Sept. 9th. Herald reporter Courtney Griffin said it could be more than a year until the man goes to trial.

Blotter 7/10/14

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Thursday 07/10/2014
Reporting On Tradgedy

Since taking over the police and courts beat at the Herald, one of the most difficult and challenging parts of my job is trying strike a balance the public's right to know with the need to show empathy and sensitivity to victims of a tragedy.

It's a balance that I and my fellow reports spend a lot of time thinking about, and working to achieve. In less than a year's time, our newsroom has had to cover a second shooting on fort hood, and the death's of two local police officers.

Just how report those tragic events, records the public's reaction, and respect the right of all those impacted to grieve, is never far from our minds.

That question is even more poignant as we prepare to mark the one year anniversary of the shooting death of Killeen police officer Robert Hornsby.

Hornsby was the first KPD officer killed in the line of duty since 1917, and in the aftermath of his death his widow, Kimberly, was thrust into the spotlight. Her family grief, and their journey was very public. Their shock and sadness at the loss mirrored that of the community.

Months later, the community and media once again looked to her after another KPD officer was shot and killed. I'm sure having to see the reports and events that followed were not easy.

Today, I was able to sit down with Kim for a one-on-one interview, to discuss her journey over the past year, which has included her appearing and speaking at nearly every event held in her husband's honor. When asking her for he thoughts on sharing such a personal loss so publicly, there were a few quotes from her I found particularly illuminating:

"There  was a point where I told myself ‘I'll give this first year to Bobby... I kind of came to that conclusion that the year would be all about him and his sacrifice,"

Kim also said that making the decision to be public about the ups and downs of her loss was part of her own healing process.

“It’s helped in the healing process a lot. Just to see the amount of people that care for us and Bobby, and wanted to see us thrive past this and not let it define who we are.”

Like many other people I have interviewed, Kim has taken her personal story of coping with a loss, and tried to make others aware of the lessons she has taken from it. In her own way, she has helped the community cope with its own feelings of loss and sadness at the loss of a police officer in such a sudden and violent manner.  

While reporting on such tragic events is difficult, allowing those effected to have have a voice and offering them a chance to tell their story, is an important part of what we do. Kim Hornsby's story is an important reminder that we that responsibility.

You can read the full story in the Herald this Sunday, and watch the full interview with Kim on our website.

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Morning Roundup 7/10/14

Sorry today's roundup is a little late, but I have been it court working on some breaking stories you'll get to read more about a little later. In the meantime, here are our top crime stories.

Investigation Into Fort Hood "Prostitution Ring" Moves Forward

- A military judge made a recommendation on whether or not a Fort Hood NCO will face a court martial for trying to recruit young female soldiers into an on-post sex ring. At this time, Fort Hood officials are not saying exactly what the recommendation was.

Man Accused of $2.2 Million Theft From Killeen Business Indicted

- A Bell County grand jury indicted  Hubert N. Kott on felony theft charges Wednesday. Kott is accused of embezzling $2.2. million from 195 Lumber, where he was employed as the company's chief financial officer.

Other Grand Jury Indictments

- The grand jury also indicted several other individuals Wednesday, including a Georgetown man accused of kidnapping and brutally beating his ex-wife in Harker Heights.

Blotter 7/9/14

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Tuesday 07/29/2014

Morning Roundup

Thursday 07/24/2014

KPD Community Forum Tonight

Tuesday 07/22/2014

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Wednesday 07/16/2014

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Tuesday 07/15/2014

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Friday 07/11/2014

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Thursday 07/10/2014

Reporting On Tradgedy Morning Roundup 7/10/14

Wednesday 07/09/2014

Man Drowns In Belton Lake KPD To Welcome New Officers Morning Roundup 7/9/14

Tuesday 07/08/2014

Lethal Drugs In Texas: A History SXSW Suspect No Show In Austin Court Morning Roundup 7/8/14

Thursday 07/03/2014

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Wednesday 07/02/2014

Local Criminals Using Craigslist To Find Potential Victims Morning Roundup 7/2/14

Tuesday 07/01/2014

Man Killed In Accidental Shooting In Harker Heights. Local Reaction To SCOTUS' Hobby Lobby Decision Bell County Wanted Fugitives Morning Roundup 7/1/14

Monday 06/30/2014

Explosion On Coryell Co. farm kills one, injures two It's Fireworks Season Morning Crime Roundup

Friday 06/27/2014

KPD Confirms Purchase Of Military-Style Carbines Morning Crime Roundup 6/27/14

Thursday 06/26/2014

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