We finished up early today with little to anything resolved. Sorry for the time between updates. Here's the update on our front page.

There will be no more proceedings until Tuesday, when the judge will likely rule on Maj. Nidal Hasan's request for a continuance. While I had thought judge Col. Tara Osborn would base her ruling on the merits of Hasan's "defense of others" strategy, Osborn may actually be probing the logistics of his defense in order to determine the length of the delay.

Many regional and national reporters that came to today's hearing were no doubt disappointed that the judge did not listen to any argument from Hasan. The alleged Fort Hoot shooter was expected to delve into the details of his defense, which centers around the argument that the killing of soldiers on Nov. 5, 2009, was justified because Hasan was defending the Taliban and it's leaders.

Whether Hasan essentially admitting he has thrown in his lot with enemy combatants will have an affect on Osborn's ruling is unknown. And is that admission reasonable proof to find him guilty? Hasan, in a round-about way, could actually end up digging himself deeper into a while with this strategy if a jury feels that way. On Tuesday, we will learn more.

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