Fox News reported Friday that Maj. Nidal Hasan has released an exclusive statement to the news agency that is not exactly what the reporters implied it is.

While the article provides interesting information and would appear to be a bit of a coup for the media behemoth, it fails to mention that the "statement" they reference is actually a transcript of a July 18, 2011, conversation between Hasan and Al Jazeera English producer Laila Al-Arian.

Their full story is available here.

Now there is nothing untruthful about the Fox News report, and I must confess some sour grapes here. Here's how it went this morning. I show up to see a letter from "Nidal Hasan #218772, Bell County Jail" on my desk. I re-read the Fox News report, feeling what I have is certainly something different from what the article references. Then I begin to discover the verbatim quotes found on my copy and the Fox News report and realize we got the same thing, except they got it a few days earlier.

That being said, the reporters' failure to mention the context bristles me. Most importantly the omission of the date at which the conversation took place, or that it was a conversation at all, and the implication that it was a statement to Fox News. So to be open about our coverage of the "statement," which will appear in tomorrow's edition, I have uploaded a full PDF of the transcript.

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