FN 15 Carbine

Gun manufacture FNH USA announced in a press release that the Killeen Police Department officially confirmed it's purchase of  231 of the company's FN-15 carbines.

The Killeen City Council approved the purchase May 13, at a total cost of The total cost of $202,125, to be split between a state seizure account, a seized weapons credit and money from a Justice Department grant received in 2013.

“We are pleased that the Killeen Police Department has chosen the FN 15™ Carbine to help them protect against threats their officers encounter from criminals,” said Mark Cherpes, FNH President and CEO.  “The FN 15™ Carbine offers the standard benefits expected from an M4-style rifle plus the unparalleled durability and reliability law enforcement officers demand in the line of duty.”

The purchase comes in the wake of a deadly year for Bell County law enforcement. Since 2013, three local peace officers- including two KPD SWAT team members- have been killed in shootouts with armed suspects.

The purchase would make the rifles available to every Killeen officer. KPD Police Chief Dennis Baldwin said previously that the weapons would allow officers to better respond to situations where criminals wield high-powered weapons with high-capacity magazines.

No date has been given on when KPD expects to receive the carbines.

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I forgot to sign off with 'one of the 1 % who voted'.


First, why can't you 'spell it out' instead of pulling acronyms out of the ceiling, PID, CUP, etc. What in the world is 'LE' agencies, 'EOD' components, tell it like it is. I 'assume' that what you mean by 'LE' is 'Law enforcement', and I assume 'LEO's' could mean 'Legal Enforcement Officers', but I do not know that for certain. 'LE' could mean 'Laboratory Entitlements', or 'Legal Entities', I can't be certain. I'm at a loss as to what the 'EOD' acronym stands for.
Now as to the claim 'would you rather more KPD LEO's be killed or wounded in part to being ill-equipped to combat the ever growing threat is encompassing Killeen?' That is an absurdity to bring in the ever increasing 'threat' that purvey the general population. That's what people could have said about the Brown Shirts and look at what that got them. I just said that, in my opinion, to equip every patrol officer with that type of firepower is going over board and excessive. I, for one, do not see that as an effective deterrent, regardless of, how you say 'it did not cost the city of Killeen anything'. The officer that was killed 'had the best weaponry that could be provided' as he was a SWAT officer. He had an 'SR-15, flack jacket' and he was still killed. I say 'do not use that as an excuse to equip 'every' patrolman in the city of Killeen with a 'AR-15' or similar weapon. It don't fly with me.
In speaking to your comment, 'Seeing how they don't do much outside of training', what do you want them to do, sit around on their duffs? I am picking on your language, 'sit around on their duffs'. Yes I want them to 'Train' and be as proficient as possible in the event they are needed.
And as to your statement 'Do not be as naive to believe that it is not a very real concern.' I say, 'clean up this city so that is not the problem'. That's the answer to that, and In my opinion, that is the answer.
And lets be clear about my terminology, you are correct in stating in my use of the word ordinance in lieu of armament. I stand corrected but I was assigned to a SAC heavy base where we only had nuclear devices and a 20MM in the tail of the B52's.
I stand by my call to 'NOT' equip each and every patrol officer with that type of firepower. I think it is excessive to say the least.


OK, first off, all LE agencies are "para-military." Second, the EOD components of the military offer expertise that, at this time, is not specifically an option for KPD, so it only makes sense to utilize them from time to time. This is not a unique position for Killeen. If there is an EOD unit at a base, they will assist the local area as needed, seeing how they don't do much outside of training, and that is the best utilization of their training and time.

Now to your other point...why would you not want to equip local LE with the best that can be given to them. This did not cost the city anything. Would you rather more KPD LEOs be killed or wounded in part to being ill-equipped to combat the ever-growing threat that is encompassing Killeen? Do not be as naive to believe that it is not a very real concern. And let's be clear, your terminology is incorrect. This new addition to the armament is not "ordinance."


I have to agree with the person above---
And ask too, why wouldn't you want the people guarding you, To have the best available to do it with.

I know there's been several groups on the streets willing to bad mouth law enforcement, Even to go so far as to film them selves while doing it.

But this is not the days of the home grown criminal that many the police may know, and how he (or She these days) operates.

One has to remember, we just had thousands of people come into the country that No One really knows who they are, Among the thousands of 'Kids' were young grown men. We don't know who they really are either.
Or what training they may have had in their foreign country's. They looked fairly hale and hearty to me.

Unless ,a person has been out on the street, mostly by themselves, and had to deal with some of crazy's ,a police officer can run into, It would be better if you just stay out of a business ,you know nothing about.
And be glad that if ever needed, Your local police dept. will have the equipment needed to protect you.
Don't think it can't happen, You never know what tomorrow is going to bring.


I'm sorry, but I do not agree with the logic presented here in this article. First, it is my understanding that SWAT officers already have the type of weapon being presented here. Second, to 'place in the hands of every officer' this type of weapon is paramount to being a para-military unit belonging to the KPD and the city of Killeen. We have a military unit right down the road. It goes by the name of 'Fort Hood Army. As the KPD already has a para-military unit, the SWAT, who are charged to 'take out the bad guys', I don't see the necessity of 'placing this type of ordinance in the hands of each and every officer'.
The KPD calls on the military in times of distress, namely Explosive ordinance, chemicals and I for one do not feel comfortable with a para-military unit within the city limits and dopes not answer to anyone, except maybe the mayor or city manager. This is my thoughts on the subject.
'One of the 1 % who voted'.

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