We are at the midday break in today's jury selection hearing. So far the prosecution has challenged three of six Army officers brought here today to possibly become jurors in Maj. Nidal Hasan's upcoming capital murder trial.

What is different so far between today's hearing and what happened last week is presiding judge Col. Tara Osborn's decision to ask more questions individually of the officers the prosecution wants to strike from the jury pool.

Osborn's individually question a colonel who had strong reservations about giving anyone the death penalty based off of religious convictions. Despite Hasan having no objections to that officer's removal from the jury pool, Osborn decided to bring him in for individual questioning.

Osborn asked the colonel 10 separate questions about the colonel's stance on the death penalty and his ability to consider all possible sentences.

It is quite different than her handling of last week's voir dire. She had no further enquiries when the prosecution challenged six members of a panel of 20 without providing any significant detail into their reasoning. That presumably was because Hasan had no objections to their challenges. But Hasan had no challenges today either.

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