FORT HOOD — We are at the midday break in today's hearing for Maj. Nidal Hasan.

The judge has decided to allow Hasan to represent himself in his upcoming court-martial, a decision that was largely set by constitutional precedent. Judge Col. Tara Osborn made her ruling after repeatedly warning Hasan he would be better served my allowing his military-appointed defense team to take the lead on the case.

They will remain in an advisory role, though Hasan asked for Maj. Christopher Martin to be removed from the case all together. Hasan did not provide any reason for why he singled out Martin, and Osborn ruled that Martin will remain in the court during trial.

When asked is Hasan's choice was strategic in nature, he replied, "There are many facets, but yes."

That was the extent of any stated reason why Hasan wishes to proceed alone. The judge explicitly told Hasan she did not want to know why he sought to fire his attorneys.

The hearing so far has largely been question and answer between Hasan and Osborn.

We have learned a little about Hasan's daily routine at Bell County Jail. For instance, Hasan gets up everyday at 4:30 a.m., is able to dress himself and regularly fasts during the day, he said. He is allowed three one-hour recreation breaks throughout the week, and spends most of his time reading and praying.

Hasan did make one objection to the court providing the results from a medical exam to the prosecution, telling the judge that information is "private."

Osborn overruled that objection.


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