Today could possibly be the day where all pending issues are sewn up and we get a new trial date for the accused Fort Hood shooter's court-martial.

That being said, I have had a long history of jinxing myself when I make predictions. I'm trying to preempt putting my foot in my mouth as I did on Friday.

Pending issues before the court include Hasan's request for a 3-month continuance and his standby counsel's motion to be released from the case. The presiding judge, Col. Tara Osborn, has already denied a motion to withdraw from one of Hasan's military appointed lawyers. All of these motions are in one form or another tied to Hasan's defense strategy, which was disallowed on Friday for lack of any legal basis. So we should see how judge Osborn handles these issues now that the "defense of others" will not be heard in court. I've become a real nerd to the legal technicalities of this case, so that will be the most interesting part of today's hearings for me.

Media round-up:

Here's my piece that published today. I talked to Jeff Addicott from St. Mary's Center for Terrorism Law. Addicott said he does not expect a lengthy delay, if any. "The judge is clearly deciding to move this process forward." My colleague Brandon Janes also wrote this piece about the positive economic impact the trial could have.

Turn out today is pretty typical. Reuters the Associated Press a few television stations from outside of Central Texas and, for the first time, USA Today is here.

Policymic has an interesting piece that suggests Hasan may be trying to argue the "defense of others" in order to be declared an enemy combatant and removed from the military justice system. However, either it was written last week and published yesterday or the reporter failed to realize the judge already denied the defense of others on Friday. Good read regardless.

The Washington Times has a piece about how Hasan may win a delay today. Pretty standard fare. It also has a short editorial questioning why the trial hasn't started.

Reuters piece via Yahoo! talks with Geoffrey Corn, a professor at the South Texas College of Law. Corn thinks the judge will grant Hasan a one-week delay in order to cover up any possibility of a successful appeal.

I'm watching from the auxiliary courtroom again today. So follow me @KDHcrime for live updates.

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