Hello from the Great Place. It's day 12 of Maj. Nidal Hasan's capital murder court-martial.

Hasan, the accused Fort Hood shooter, will have the chance to present his case today. The rumor is he will not present anything at all after telling the judge yesterday he no longer wanted to question the sole witness on his list. My coverage of yesterday's hearing is available here.

If Hasan presents no defense, the trial will then move to closing arguments. It is unknown whether the judge will allow that to happen today. Some military experts I spoke to yesterday said judges in these caliber of cases tend to allow each side an additional day to prepare their arguments. The prosecution would then present a "road map" of the evidence, leading the jury through a narrative constructed from the the testimony of 89 witnesses.

However, all bets are off if Hasan testifies. The prosecution would keep Hasan on the stand for hours in hopes of coaxing testimony from him that would prove their case.

Judge Col. Tara Osborn instructed Hasan on how to give testimony. He would not be allowed to give a statement. Instead, he would have to ask himself questions and then provide answers.

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Media report:

Seventy-six journalists are here for the fireworks. CNN, Fox News, Al Jazeera, the New york Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, the Associated Press, Reuter's, the San Antonio Express-News, Austin American-Statesman, Texas State Network News, regional network affiliates from Dallas and Houston and local TV stations have all shown up.

CNN has five things you need to know about the trial.

Everything else is largely summary of yesterday's hearing.

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