Good morning from Fort Hood! We are here for a day nine of the court-martial of Maj. Nidal Hasan.

Today is only a half-day hearing. The scuttlebutt here is that the prosecution will call a star witness today, possible former Fort Hood police officer Kimberly Munley, who was wounded in a gun fight with Hasan. Munley was already scheduled to testify today, but testimony from medical examiners tok longer than prosecutors expected. Originally, they believed they would rest their case today. It's now looking like that won't happen until Monday or Tuesday.

Friday's abbreviated hearing also is a departure from the past two days of testimony, in which the jury has heard seven medial examiners present their findings from the autopsies of the 13 deceased victims of the shooting. My coverage of yesterday's hearing can be found here.

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Media report:

Forty journalists are here today, an increase of seven from yesterday. I expect that number to continue to grow until there is a verdict. Fox News, CNN, CBS national, Stars and Stripes, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, Reuter's and various local and regional network TV outlets are here.

The Associated Press via ABC News notes that the last witness who testified Thursday was the first to to give testimony about what happened outside of the medical building in the Soldier Readiness Processing complex following the shooting.

Fox News focused on Spc. Frederick Z. Greene, known as a "silent soldier" among friends, who Hasan is said to have shot 12 times. My articles noted that Greene likely attempted to stop the shooting. A medical examiner testified the varied trajectories of bullets that hit Greene were consistent with the soldier charging the shooter.

NBC 5 in Dallas/Fort Worth spoke with Hasan's civilian lawyer, Belton-based attorney John Galligan. Galligan told the station he believes Hasan will die long before the his appeals process would be exhausted. Given Hasan's health problems and the dismal record the military has with death sentences, Galligan's statements are logical.

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