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Today is what should be the second to last pretrial hearing before opening statements in the capital murder court-martial of accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan.

Today will be a bit different from previous hearings because we will get to hear testimony. A health professional familiar with the infirmities of former Fort Hood police officer Mark Todd will clue the court in on medical conditions that will prevent Todd from testifying. Todd would have been a key witness for the prosecution. He was lauded as a hero following the Nov. 5, 2009, mass shooting here after he ended Hasan's alleged shooting spree when he shot the major multiple times. Todd critically wounded Hasan, leaving the Army psychiatrist paralyzed from the waste down.

Coverage of the previous hearing can be found here.

The court will hold a final pretrial hearing on Monday. At that hearing, presiding judge will seat the jury. Prosecutors, Hasan and the judge will also have the opportunity to ask jurors additional questions to determine whether any should be disqualified. The 13-member panel consists of nine colonels, three lieutenant colonels and one major. All jurors have to outrank Hasan.

Just in case the court finds some of the previously selected panel members have disqualified themselves, five additional officers are being brought in Monday as potential jurors.

Media round-up:

It's just me, local TV and the San Antonio Express-News here today.

Fox News had quite the scoop last night with the release of two documents to their news network. It is the second time in a week Hasan has release documents to the news organization, using their wide reach to gain access to Hasan through his former civilian representation, Belton attorney John Galligan. Galligan visits Hasan regularly at Bell County Jail and is representing Hasan in civil matters.

The Fox report gives access to two documents, a hand-written note in which Hasan renounces the U.S., his military oath and the Constitution as well as a typed document in which Hasan argues the superiority of Sharia over common U.S. law.

Unlike the network's last scoop, the reporters opted to post the full content of the documents and context. Since I had access to those documents independently, I wrote about the reporters' omissions here.

Here's the AP write-up on the new documents via ABC News.

"With just days before he heads to trial, the accused Fort Hood shooting suspect, Maj. Nidal Hasan, renounced his citizenship with the United States, repudiated his Army oath and publicly embraced — once again — his affiliation as a 'Soldier of Allah'," the conservative leaning Washington Times reported this morning. Somewhat misleading opening paragraph, as the document they cite Hasan authored in October.

I will be providing Twitter updates from the hearing. Follow me @KDHcrime for up-to-the-minute coverage.

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