Good morning. I'm here again at Club Hood for another pre-trial hearing for accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan. The media presence here is quite low, as I expected. The other reporters, Fort Hood public affairs and I only expect the presiding judge to rule on some routine logistical issues today. However, that is usually a recipe for something bizarre to happen.

Military judge Col. Tara Osborn could ask Hasan to enter pleas today. He has told the judge in writing and in hearings that he would like to plead guilty to all charges. Osborn won't let him plead guilty to any charges, as she has previously ruled. Military rules prevent a defendant from pleading guilty when the death penalty is on the table. Hasan has tried to plead guilty to the non capital charges (32 counts of attempted premeditated murder), but Osborn would not allow it because it would imply guilt to the death penalty charges. After all, how do you tell a jury I shot 32 people but didn't kill any of the 13 that died on Nov. 5, 2009?

Click here for my preview article for today's hearing.

Media round-up:

Only local television stations and a Texas blogger showed up today.

That's it. We appear to be in the lull before the storm. Even the public affairs guys are laid back, listening to some tunes on a laptop. Currently playing, Rod Stewart's "Young Turks."

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