It's about 8 a.m. and everyone is milling about waiting for today's hearing on whether accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan to begin. The media presence, though increased, is not as large as I expected. However, enough reporters signed up that only a select few will be allowed in the courtroom. I will be in there today.

We have been given instructions as to what to do should an "event" happen, meaning some sort of bombing. It's slightly unnerving, but expected.

For a brief on what to expect today check here. But the bottom line is, no one knows really what to expect.

At the end of that article, I mention that the judge may prevent a defendant from representing them self if he or she "is disruptive or fails to follow basic rules of decorum and procedure." This could come into play if Hasan chooses to use the courtroom as a forum for political speech.

Given the unpredictable turns this case has taken in the year and a half I've covered it, you'll get no predictions from me.

Area coverage:

WFAA (D-FW ABC affiliate) has a round-up story quoting a a former lead defense attorney in the U.S. Marine Corps who says of Hasan's request to go pro se: "I sort of see it as an act of defiance against the trial process.”

Reuters via Yahoo has another story with mostly background information that briefly touches on the connections between Hasan and Anwar al'Awlaki.

Associated Press via KTRK (ABC Houston) has a very brief article about the hearing.

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