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Thursday 04/02/2015
Bell and Coryell Counties Beekeepers Association

First meeting is April 17 at 7PM at Civic and Conference Center, Killeen, Texas.

Location 3601 South W.S. Young, Killeen

We will begin the Beekeepers Association of Bell and Coryell Counties - if you desire to become part join us in the initial meeting.

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Saturday 02/21/2015
Personal Blog: KDHsjohn3035

Attended the AKA Greekfest / Black Expo

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Friday 06/20/2014
Personal Blog: amyh

SAMS-1E Operator Course and PBUSE-Unit Level Training offered on  July 14 - 18 at MAT Campus in Temple, Texas. Contact PMO.Services@mclaneat.com

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Sunday 05/04/2014
Personal Blog: cyhogan

Today I am preparing for the Best Health & Wellness Fair to be shared with the community.  Resources and information to help our Senior, children, young adults, single parents and hopefully many, many families.  he Lord will see us through and make this an awesome explosion for 2014.  Come out and get yours!!

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Friday 04/18/2014
Personal Blog: cindyartist3

I am hoping this new church here in Copperas Cove called Church@SKYLINE,  is as wonderful as it sounds.  I have given up on god I feel like Job, from the bible, struck down with chemotherapy of the liver, lymphoma, broken hand, wrist, arm, ankle, psychotic behavior and, now I have started cutting myself.  I feel that God has failed me.  Today I went to the PX on Ft. Hood and needed $10.00 that I did not have to finish purchasing an item that I returned and the price went up $10.00.  Out of nowhere god sent me an angel, a woman who did not know me from Adam and paid the $10.00 for me and I offered to pay her back she wouldn't have it.  I was so in shock I just cried at my car I couldn't get in and drive when another Angel, a male came up and comforted me.  I started thinking this world was so awful it was no longer worth living in and here comes two total strangers who have proved to me that God does exist and there are still wonderful people in this world.  I do not know the names of my angels only that they were sent by Jesus himself.  I will go and check out this new church and see if they can help me to be happy again. I will thank our heavenly father for my two angels.

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Friday 04/04/2014
Personal Blog: Mary Wallace

Just a couple of months under 53 years ago I joined the KDH staff as a young reporter/staff writer, assigned to Fort Hood and police department news, among other things. My prior experience was a couple of years on the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and some column work with Jessen's Weekly (in Alaska, where I grew up). In summer of 1961 I was living with my grandparents in Belton, Rev. and Mrs. Robert Wallace.  I only worked for KDH a few months, then decided to go to college at an engineering school in Los Angeles. Fun times. . . I wonder if anyone besides me remembers? 

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Monday 11/11/2013
Polocrosse: A Fun Family Sport

Polocrosse: A Fun Family Sport

In Australia, 1939, a hybrid sport was born. This game is a combination of polo and lacrosse, with a few modified rules to create a safe and fun environment for players of all ages to play together on a team. This game divides players up by skill level, so a beginning youth player will be on the same team as a beginning adult player, and an advanced youth will play alongside an advanced adult

Even though polocrosse resembles both of it's parent sports, there are a few differences. One of the first differences a player will notice is the use of the same horse throughout the whole game, unless an injury happens, whereas in polo, players will use multiple horses.

Another noticed difference between polocrosse and polo, is the racquet, which is similar to that of a lacrosse stick. Headgear similar to polo is worn, instead of the heavier lacrosse helmet. One of the main differences that sets polocrosse apart from both polo and lacrosse, is that there are only 3 positions per team. They are called number 1, 2, and 3. Each position has a specific space that they play in, and they must pass the ball to another player in a different position to move the ball toward the goal posts.

Children and adults alike can enjoy this sport together. Anyone who knows how to ride a horse can learn to play polocrosse, and playing this exciting hybrid game will help any rider become better on their mount. 

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Tuesday 10/29/2013
Local Resident graduates Auction school

Amy Roman of Waco, Texas has just returned from Dallas, TX where she graduated from the Texas Auction Academy on October 27, 2013. While in Dallas, she completed 83 hours of intensive auctioneer training.

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Monday 10/21/2013
Alissa Road To Success!

Hello,my name is Alissa, im a 5 going on 6 year cancer survivor of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and im now battling systematic lupus where it can effect my organs and i am now 16 years old. On facebook i made this page called "Alissa Simmons P2P student ambassador wish" donation page because i need help with tryin to raise money for my tuition so i can be a Student Ambassador for people to people ambassador program this summer because we are goin on a European Discovery trip where we are gonna travel to Austria, switzerland, france, and italy to discovery culture and learn about other things there. My tuition cost is gonna be $6,499 so i want to try to make money to help me reach my goal because this is an aswesome program im lookin forward to participate in cause not only will i get credits toward college but i will get $1 million promise in scholarships for traveling this summer with the people to people student ambassador program. So im askin if u may help me raise money so i can be able to be a Student Ambassador, it will really mean alot to me. Please and Thank you God bless.

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Thursday 10/17/2013
I want my daughter back

                My name is Jennifer Lynn McDonald. I agreed in a civil contract to allow my daughter Shannon Elizabeth Obrien to be held in temporary custody via her Paternal (not really paternal or any DNA to my daughter, just an agreement that James Joseph Obrien IV signed her birth certificate as we were in a relationship) Grandparents Jim and Linda Obrien III. I was moving back to Florida and signed an agreement for 6 months temporary custody. The intentions were that when I established stability, a home and place of employment, I would get my daughter Shannon and bring her to Florida where she was born. Since then, I did come back as agreed with Janet Pruitt hired as an attorney. I was told that I would bring my daughter back to Florida so I acquired a car seat and clothing and diapers as needed to transport Shannon back via rental vehicle to Florida. Linda and Jim O’Brien’s attorney prevented a hearing by stating that the Judge was a visiting Judge and Not a regular Coryell County Judge. I was not permitted to  even have a hearing. First, Linda and Jim Obrien told the visiting Judge I did not communicate with them and then I proved that to be a lie by bringing in copies of email conversations between myself and the O’Brien’s email address. Since then I have felt powerless. For a year and a half Linda and Jim did not allow me to visit  or talk to Shannon, due to the visit we encountered at the courthouse where I was bullied to not have a hearing. I have been trying to appease Jim and Linda Obrien, feeling I have no choice but to do whatever they want me to, in order to see my daughter and in hopes they would just give her back to me. Linda led me to believe if I accomplished certain tasks in my life agenda, she would bring Shannon to visit me, then she said Shannon could stay for a summer, and then come live with me. Linda told me that I must acquire my Registered Nurse Degree and get a Job as an RN in order to get Shannon back. Well I have been working full time and raising my other two  children, I married and he has 3 children. I have been going to State College of Florida School part time for four years. Now Shannon is 8 years old. After completion of this semester I have one more Gordon Rule Math course Liberal Arts Math, to complete and I will graduate with my AA Degree. I am then to transfer to a private college Galen University in Saint Petersburg to obtain my Registered Nurse Training and acquire my Associate in Science Degree. Once I complete the State Board Exam, I will be able to obtain employment as a Registered Nurse. Here is the problem. I am doing what I agreed upon verbally and  contractually. Linda and Jim Obrien are not . Neither their contractual agreements are honored, nor their verbal promises, and continual excuses of why I cannot have my daughter back. Finally, I am coming for a visit scheduled for November 15-17. Linda Obrien told me that she did not ever want to give Shannon back to me because their life is revolved around Shannon. I told her that she genetically is not Shannon’s Grandmother, but she still insists I never get custody of my daughter. I feel helpless. My rights are gone. I feel like my daughter was stolen and I will never get her back. The intentions of the 6 month  temporary custody was just to be temporary. I feel like I was tricked and my daughter has been taken. I feel like it doesn’t matter if I become a doctor, the law should uphold the contract agreement and a social contract, according to Thomas Hobbs, morally should be withheld and protected by the state(court). The truth should be honored in a moral society and I should be given my daughter  back. Will you please tell me why I am not protected by my intentions to be Shannon’s mother. Since this, James Joseph Obrien, who signed the birth certificate died in Jim and Linda Obrien’s home. He died of Pneumonia at the age of 42 years of age. I think it was from overdose from the pain medications he received from a physician and combination of alcohol. That is why I was relocating away from Texas to Florida, because of the drugs and alcohol with their son James. I wanted to make a better life for Shannon. I don’t deserve to lose her forever for improving my bad situation. If you look in your court documents for their son James J Obrien IV you will see that after I left in 2007, James got in a lot of violent legal troubles.  Please answer my plea and tell me what I can do to have my daughter.

                                                                                                Sincerely, Jennifer (Holder) McDonald


                                                                                                1001 30th st west

                                                                                                Bradenton, Florida 34205


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Tuesday 10/01/2013
Personal Blog: Pastor Johnson

God is Always in Control.

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Tuesday 09/24/2013
Personal Blog: ptygirl67


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Friday 08/23/2013
Personal Blog: bradhearn

 The joy of Christ, which is an infinite fulness of delight, is in them. They bathe themselves in the bottomless, shoreless sea of infinite beatitude. That same joyful rest remains for us. It may not be far distant. Ere long the weeping willow shall be exchanged for the palm-branch of victory, and sorrow's dewdrops will be transformed into the pearls of everlasting bliss. "Wherefore comfort one another with these words." - Spurgeon

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