A woman gave birth to a child and the child was found in a public restroom at a local large retailer.  Many assumptions and judgments have been made about the woman that gave birth; she’s on drugs, she’s worthless, she should be shot.  I am sure there have been more but you get the point; many believe she should have been the one found on the floor unresponsive, not the baby.

Why are we so quick to judge? What if the woman was not even a woman but a child? What if that child was not sure of what was going on but knew that if her parents found out they surely would kill her.

What if it was a woman who was a drug addict? What if she had been living on the streets or in a life of prostitution because she ran away from an abusive home? People that are scared and running from the curve balls that life throws them make decisions passed on fear and limited education.  Survival education.  We are so educated that all we can do is judge with our superior education.

The facts are known; an unknown female gave birth to a baby in a public restroom of a large retail chain. The baby was not found alive and the birthing mother is still not known. She could be curled up in some dark hotel room bleeding to death. If she’s alive and can read I am sure she is scared and on the run and in her mind thinking, “no one would understand”.

Isn’t that what we as believers know is wrong? Someone does understand and came into this world to prove it to us…but we still haven’t learned even when we are about to celebrate His birth.

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