I, recently visited a local food center and even recieved food, which was ok, while there I was talking with a 70 plus senior, I was surprized at what she was saying, but when she told me things about the food center keeping certain food items I didn't  want to believe what she was saying but after observing a situation, she was right, if I had not seen it myself I would not have believed it myself.  While sitting there waiting and chatting with her I decided to see what was really going on and to see if what she was saying was true, a patron pulled up went inside and returned shortly with 3 2 1/2 dozen flats of eggs, bread, pastry,and meat, the senior I was chatting with ask the young lady if they had more eggs, pastry and meat, her reply was no there wasn't any more, but to my surprise I witnessed 2 volunteers come out with eggs pastry and meat, now can someone tell me if this is ethical to be a church, it's sad that things like this happens at a church, I suggest that some investigations be done to prevent abuse like this. this food is for the needy and not for the volunteers 

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Roxy G I hope that your situation improves for you and loved ones. As a child my family went through tough times and had to receive some assistance. As an adult I have volunteered at the food bank and can tell you only the best intentions are there to assist others in need. I offer this advice next time there is an issue - calmly ask to speak to the supervisor and explain the situation as you did here. I know that those working/volunteering at the food banks are also sometimes those in need and are just giving back some that was giving to them. The person could have very well been a recipient and volunteer that had specifically asked for those items. There are sometimes speciality items that are needed by request. Take care and good luck

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