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Thursday 12/27/2012
Top 5 Christmas Movies

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Tuesday 12/25/2012
KDH Top Five Christmas Movies

For some heading to the box office can be a Christmas tradition, and for others it may be watching a holiday classic on the television while letting their family dinner settle. But regardless of where most happen to catch the cinematic tales of past, present and future, there is no doubt movies have made an impression on some people’s lives especially when it comes to the holidays.

As this holiday neared, Tracy and I made our own plans to go see two movies coming out Christmas Day. To forego crowds, we will probably head to the theater on the weekend, but nonetheless our choice got me thinking. “While we will be seeing two non-Christmas films, what are some typical holiday classics everyone loves to watch?”

I generally go to my friends and the Internet to find such answers as I gather general opinions that I will then debate. This time however I decided to poll the editorial office and generate a Top 5 list.

To do this, I asked for a Top 10 list from everyone, which I thought would give us a better selection. I then scored each movie by its rank creating our collective five favorites. OK, there is actually six because of a fifth place tie.

We here at the KDH hope you enjoy our suggestions and maybe you will pop one or two of these films in your DVD/Blueray player today, Christmas day.

The Number Fives

Two drastically different movies ranked number five in our poll — Scrooged and Love Actually.

Scrooged staring Bill Murray is a comedic and once modern take on Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol set in New York.

Philip Jankowski simple summed the movie up by saying in an email: “Dickens + Murray = Awesome. Plus Bobcat Goldwait! Great Cast. It’s even got that girl from Raiders of the Lost Arc.”

Clare Haefner said Murray’s take on the classic Christmas tale is “far and away the best film version” of A Christmas Carol.

The movie appeared in several people’s list most which attributed Murray to their justification of ranking the film among their personal favorite.

Scrooged personally used to give me nightmares as a child. The image of Murray standing in elevator with death is burned into my brain, so it didn’t make my list. I should probably go back and watch it as an adult.

On my personal list however is Love Actually. It is a more modern favorite that may give some people the idea that love and Christmas conquers all (or rather most) challenging situations.

The film is romantic comedy that follows multiple people and their version of love stories as time counts down to Christmas Day and as each plotline starts to tie together. For some it may seem like it has ever scenario — the cheating husband, the work relationship and the guy who's in love with his friend's wife. The movie even has the any British guy can bring home an American girl because of his accent love story line. All this makes the movie very relatable and fun to watch.

“It ends up being perfectly crafted together,” said Alex Cole. “It is very touching and of course it has that ‘real’ love – you know the kind of love that overcomes? Ahh only in the movies. Plus, I just love Hugh Grant.”

Number Four

It’s a Wonderful Life lassoed the moon to take on the number four place.

If you are like me you have seen this movie countless times know the ending by heart — “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings,” — but you can never remember seeing the movie all the way through. Gee, after saying that, I really hope the angel line is somewhere near the ending.

I voted for this one because it has touching message.

It seems Mason Lerner (you know that other Mason in our office), had something similar to say as I did.

“I have never actually watched this movie," said Lerner, "so I don’t really know what it’s about, but I feel like I would be shunned by society for the rest of my days if I didn’t include it. That Jimmy Stewart kid is pretty dependable too.”

If you don’t know Stewart plays the lead in this film. The motion picture follows Stewart’s character’s life through the courting and marriage to Donna Reed’s character and much more as an angel shows Stewart what the world would be like without him.

Even without seeing the film, Lerner knows this movie is a classic and ranked it high on his list. If that doesn’t say how important this movie is on the “Christmas Must Watch List,” I don’t know what does.

Number Three

I would consider this one an odd duck, but it appeared on multiple people’s list. Shocked at first I began asking other people about this action packed thriller, and sure enough more people agreed.

The movie is no other than the Bruce Willis' classic that is spawning its fifth franchise film this upcoming year — Die Hard.

Jankowski summed this movie up the best with his short little quip. “Ho ho ho. Now I have a machine gun.”

Hearing from people who were not polled, they claimed Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, but the setting would say otherwise.

The first Die Hard takes place at a Christmas party in Los Angeles. That is enough for a good number of male office mates to put it on their Christmas movie top 10 as well as some female co-workers.

I don’t know if paraphrasing Chris McGuiness does him justice, so I am just going to write his long quote.

“For me, it just isn't Christmas without watching the gritty, foul-mouthed cop John McClane (Willis) take on a group of terrorists that crash his estranged wife’s office Christmas party,” McGuiness said. “In addition to being one of the best action movies ever made, the fact that the movie takes place during the holidays is a good enough excuse for me to pop it in the DVD player while decorating the Christmas tree.”

Number Two

I am a little bitter this one is on the list because it plays almost nonstop during the holidays, but that probably means it deserves this spot. And this list is not just about me.

Audrey Spencer yelled at me for being mad that this film made it passed the chopping block, because I created the survey and she found out even with my griping it reached its way into my personal top 10.

Alas, A Christmas Story is a great movie.

The movie follows the young boy Ralphie, played by Peter Billingsley, and all the Christmas shenanigans that occur to his family.

The leg lamp, the bunny costume, the changing of the tire, the BB gun, the dogs stealing Christmas dinner, some of these events had to happen to someone, which is probably why Spencer said, “It’s relatable on probably too many levels.”

Haefner said even she wanted her own BB gun for Christmas after watching this movie. It never happened, but Haenfer did get her sister to stick her tongue to a light pole once.

If you have somehow managed to miss this movie during your life time, — I’m not sure how that is possible — you need to sit down and watch it.

Number One

Again, I am shocked. I probably should have voted for this one but didn't think about it.

The number one Christmas movie, as ranked by our office, is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

I will turn to Jankowski one last time to sum this selection — “An underrated National Lampoon's movie.”

The film is about the Griswold family and their plan to have a wonderful Christmas. It just kind of goes south in that comedic National Lampoon’s way as the family starts to arrive.

The humor is probably why Lerner said the National Lampoon movies are outlawed in his house, but this movie is a guilty pleasure of his.

Cole also called this movie out in her top 10 list by ranking it first.

“I like to laugh and this is the funniest Christmas movie ever,” she said.

For McGuiness the movie hits close to home despite it being over the top.

“Anyone who's had a visit from extended family for Christmas knows that this movie is a pretty accurate picture of what Christmas is actually like,” said McGuiness. “Who doesn't have one or two Cousin Eddy's in their family? Who's never gotten a cat wrapped in a box from that aunt who can never remember your name?

"I watch this movie every single year, and it never stops being funny.”

Well if you need a laugh you should probably follow the advice of our Christmas movie rankings. If you don’t like our list, feel free to leave a comment with your own top five list. Be sure to explain why you enjoyed the film.

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Monday 10/29/2012
Did you know we are social?

If there is one thing I like doing as a journalist, it is chatting up my sources.

I am sure when I strut into the Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce or the Justice of the Peace Offices everyone rolls their eyes and says: “Here comes Mason.” I can take what should be a  two minute conversation and drag it out to 15 minutes.

There is a number of reasons I do this. For one, it builds leads to other stories, but more importantly it is because I care.

A lot of these people are the folks I see almost every day, and I want to have more than the “I am just popping in here because I have to” relationship. I want to know what their children are up today, how their day is going, what interesting thing they did during the weekend and more.

When I taking my linguistics class back in my junior year of college, there was many films that stated dragging out conversations is a common trait for Texans. We will often ask how people are doing before getting to the point or asking for a favor. But hey that is me, I am a Texan born and raised.

Well I guess, I should stop dragging this out and tell you what I wanted to share with everyone.

Because we — the Copperas Cove Herald staff — are social, we would like to invite everyone to visit with us through our social media websites.

When it comes to our regular readers, you may only know us black as black ink on newspaper background. We want to change that. We want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us.

By joining one or several of our social media sites, you can get a taste of who we are and what we are doing for you. It also provides a good chance to catch up and talk to others about articles.

About 50 percent of our post on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are just links to our articles, while the other 50 percent are Audrey and I sharing what we are up to, thoughts about upcoming events, things about our own life and of course sometimes teasing each other.

We want you to be a part of those conversation, ask questions and to get to know you.

Here is a list of a couple of places you can “follow us”

Facebook — http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cove-Herald-staff/229647863772899 :

Facebook is probably the most popular social media outlet on the Internet, and it shows as we are growing our viewership every week.

Here you will get articles and banter from Audrey and I.

You also can leave comments about our stories and message us about your ideas and thoughts. Sadly, because of how I put up the page, we can’t message you directly unless you message us first.

Twitter — twitter.com/KDHcoveeditor :

This Twitter account is really my Twitter work account. That means no Audrey. :(

Twitter allows for many short updates, which also are posted on Facebook. It features lets you stay updated on what I am doing.

I have found the website very useful for getting in touch with people fast and having a quick back and forth between users. If you are looking to have a one-on-one with me, Twitter is the place for you. But you could always call me too.

Google+ — https://plus.google.com/115717472640805944912/ :

I am not going to lie, there is not a lot of people on Google+. But if you are looking for an easy way to follow us and very pretty social media website, you should sign up for Google+.

It is very easy for us to embed our articles without having giant hyperlinks in the post, and it just looks a lot cleaner than Facebook in my opinion. For the personal accounts, the circles are also a neat feature.

We are running the same type of professional page that we are running on facebook, but Google + gives us more options. We can have hangouts, message people directly, see what you want to share with and much more.

I haven’t convinced Audrey to come around to this social media website yet, but if you join us there, I am pretty sure she will follow.

Youtube — http://www.youtube.com/feed/UCmFqrjad9goZEuZ0OLzz-lg :

Alright this is not our Youtube Channel, but it is the Killeen Daily Herald’s. Corey Johnson, our videographer, currently runs this site and you can feel free to leave him comments on any videos on the site. I am pretty sure he would love that actually.

If you’re good, you can probably find my personal Youtube site out there. Don’t worry it isn’t scary. Just some videos of my dogs.

Anyway enjoy, and come chat with us.

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Saturday 10/27/2012
What has been going on

Budget season, elections and all the other news you have been seeing has made for a busy time these last couple of months, so getting around to blogging has been a bit rough.

But here it is. I am finally hammering away on my keyboard to tell you about some of the stuff we have been doing in the Cove Herald, the Daily Herald and for kdhnews.com.

First off, if you haven’t noticed, Audrey has been doing a recurring feature series every week on a Copperas Cove Independent School District student.

This series has had great success by highlighting some really interesting stories. They only seem to be getting better as time goes by. We want you to look forward to checking them out every Friday in our Community section.

As Jacob pointed out a month or two ago, we have some other recurring features — Our History, a community organization series, and the Where is it? photo. The two feature series run one once a month, while the Where is it? photo is a contest each week. Read the Cove Herald for both of those.

And finally to the reason I really started writing this blog post.

As we hope you noticed, the Cove Herald staff put Halloween coverage out a week early this year, with some interesting pieces on home decorating and local folklore. While I didn’t track down all the ghost stories I wanted, it did turn up some interesting history about Coryell County.

And as a special treat this Halloween, I produced a slideshow video featuring Bobbie Thornton rehashing the story of Elroy, a ghost supposedly haunting the Coryell County Courthouse. It took me about a week to put together, because the audio editing was done in my free time (and I was battling what I am calling a near death sickness this weekend — please don’t ask.)

But alas, the video is now finished and up for view. Thank Catrina for the photographs and Bobbie for dealing with me multiple times last week.

The video has been attached to this blog post as well as the original story. To find the original article, search Elroy and Bobbie Thornton or just click the link below.

Happy Halloween everyone and don’t forget to read the article about Halloween safety tips Audrey wrote this week.

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Friday 08/24/2012
Copperas Cove arrest articles

Hi there readers,

I just wanted to inform you all about a change we, the KDH, have made during the last two weeks because of new policies by other organizations.

You may have noticed that our Friday police arrest complaint articles are now gone. This has happened as a result of the Copperas Cove Police Department and the Coryell County Justices of the Peace making documents more readily available.

While you will not be getting the stories in the format or on that reoccurring Friday basis, you now will be getting breakout stories more often and faster.

The Justices’ offices will be releasing us documents on a daily basis now, which means if there is significant news event about Copperas Cove arrest, you will know about them much faster.

Small incidents which may not be deserving of a full article will now appear with the Bell County area Justices of the Peace arraignments or the police blotter articles that appear in the Killeen Daily Herald Tuesday through Saturday.

The Copperas Cove arrest and arraignments will follow the same format as the text that already appears in the blotter, but you can distinguish them knowing who your local justices are — Bill Price and John Guinn.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

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Friday 08/17/2012
Cove Collar

Welcome to the Cove Collar, a new Killeen Daily Herald blog featuring news and events coverage for the Copperas Cove community written by me, your local Cove Herald editor, and maybe at times the rest of the Cove Herald staff.

Hopefully, this blog will bring our readers and our staff a little closer together further connecting our ties as your weekly community publication.

We plan on using this new feature on our brand new website to preview articles for our weekly edition, give you recaps on items that may not be full news stories and provide a back and forth between you and us through the commenting system.

I guess to start conversation off, I should provide introductions for myself and the staff.

Mason W. Canales

I have worked for the Killeen Daily Herald for almost six years. After graduating from the University of North Texas in Denton with a journalism and English degree, both focusing the writing aspects of the fields.

Since before starting my degree plan, I have been obsessed with ways to deliver news and information to people. I often concern myself with determining what is the best means for delivering a message to people — how best can a story be told, if you will — as well as making sure that story is being told.

My tenure at the Killeen Daily Herald has included covering the areas crime and courts for almost a year, almost four years covering the Harker Heights community and then finally spending the last year and half dedicating my time to your community by making sure you are getting as much news a possible in a timely and efficient manner.

I also am almost a local having grown up in Georgetown. My personal hobbies are probably a little too nerdy to share, but I do have a loving wife named Tracy.

Audrey Spencer

Audrey grew up in Fort Worth and went to school at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches. While there, she worked for two years as a reporter and one year as managing editor for the campus newspaper, The Pine Log.

Before graduating in August, she completed a busy three-month internship at the Lufkin Daily News.

Since coming to the Killeen Daily Herald in September 2011. Audrey has served as my second on the Cove Herald staff. She has covered Lampasas city government, Coryell County government, and the Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation, and a slew of feature stories in your community.

Besides writing and putting up with me, Audrey also studies martial arts (currently studying aikido after three years of judo) and likes to cook.

Tim Orwig

Tim, our newest addition, is a reporting veteran in the area. He graduated from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville in 1974 with a degree in journalism — so if he knows it or not, there is a little competition between him and Audrey. Since then he has worked as a news reporter, photographer and/or editor in newspapers in New Mexico, Texas and Virginia.

Tim will now be covering Gatesville and Coryell County to ensure that we can be in multiple places at once.

I for one am looking forward to bringing you regular updates about what is going on in your community. As always, we are here to serve you.

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Gail Dillon
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  • Gail Dillon, an Army spouse, writes about life at Fort Hood from a spouse's perspective. She has been married to her soldier for 14 years and lives on Fort Hood with him, their two zany sons and a Goldendoodle named Murphy.

Thursday 12/27/2012

Top 5 Christmas Movies

Tuesday 12/25/2012

KDH Top Five Christmas Movies

Monday 10/29/2012

Did you know we are social?

Saturday 10/27/2012

What has been going on

Friday 08/24/2012

Copperas Cove arrest articles

Friday 08/17/2012

Cove Collar Cove Collar