• April 18, 2014

Tales from the Dog Side

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Sunday 03/30/2014
Blue bonnets in Texas

Let’s talk about blue bonnets. Springtime in Texas and everyone is looking for fields of flowers to take pictures in. Human momma does it; in fact one of her favorite pictures of me is me sitting in blue bonnets looking not impressed.

Want to know why I don’t look impressed? Because I know snakes like blue bonnets and I do not like snakes. We didn’t see any snakes that day but I am always on the lookout for snakes when we go into fields of flowers.

One of my friends got bit by a rattlesnake in some flowers and now he lives at the Rainbow Bridge. We’ve never seen a snake in the flowers and I hope that’s the case for y’all, too.  Just to be on the safe side, know what to do before you head out to the blue bonnets.

Human momma says better to be prepared and never need it than need it and not have the knowledge so figure out what you need to know about snakes, where the closest emergency room is and what to do if a snake does bite before you grab your camera and head out the door.

Be safe and share your blue bonnet pictures with us at the Herald. We love to see what y’all are doing!

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Friday 03/28/2014
Finally famous!!

I’m officially famous and I wanted to share it with y’all first. I’ve been recognized a few times but this is the first time someone asked me for my paw print! It threw human momma for a loop! She didn’t know what to say so she thought fast and said that I had just had my nails done and couldn’t get inked, would they be happy with a picture instead and they said yes.

I don’t think that it changes anything around my house. None of the family treats me any different now that I’m famous but I had a big head for a little while and momma made me a fake press pass for this week’s blog picture. I don’t think the newspaper wants me wearing it in public so I won’t but it looks good online.

Wonder how things would be different if Kimber treated me like the famous dog I am? If she moved out of my way when it was treat time and let me do things first? Honestly, I think it would get boring. Who wants to be treated like that all the time? Never knowing if someone is your friend because you’re famous or if they really like you would be exhausting. I barely get enough naps now, I can’t imagine having time to be that famous and take that many naps in one day.

I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not recognized every time I leave the house. Don’t let that stop you from coming up and petting me if you see me though…and strawberries are always a nice touch.

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Wednesday 03/26/2014
The service dog speaks

Well, hey y’all! My name is Dozer and I’m a Service Dog in Training. Momma thought y’all might want an insider look at what a service dog does for a veteran and I’m honored to serve so let me give y’all the low down.

First some history on how I got to be where I am. Yes, I am a rescue dog. Proud of it! I was rescued from a local shelter in the area and while a very low percentage of shelter dogs have the temperament to be service dogs, I showed the right stuff. What’s the right stuff? The list is long but the general rule of thumb is no aggression, mild temperament, easy to train and young.

My veteran has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) that affects him in different ways. While in training, I’m learning what stresses him out and how I can help him. One of my favorite things to do is when he’s stressed, I nudge his hand. He really likes that, too. Sometimes I have to nudge him a few times when we are in big crowds but I am up to the challenge.

When my vest comes off, momma says I get crazy. It’s my way of relaxing, too. Taking the stress from my veteran is hard work, and while we are both in training, sometimes we both have really hard days and need an off day. Momma says everyone needs off days where they can just “be” and I think that’s a good plan. I know I feel better after I have my off days because I’m always ready to get back to work serving my veteran afterward.

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Monday 03/24/2014

Once in a blue moon I feel the need to be hyper. When this happens, watch out world! Do y’all ever feel that way?

A few days ago, I felt the energy surge and just wanted to run. Just needed to feel the earth under my feet and stretch my legs out. Maybe it was the extra fruit I had in my bowl that morning or the kale the night before that gave me the energy to spread my proverbial wings and fly. When I’m feeling that surge, it affects the entire pack. To be honest, they are usually affected much more often than I am and on occasion will wake me from a nap to see if I want to run with them. I usually politely decline. On this day, I was the leader.

I started the zoomies, as it’s called in our home, where we race around with no particular destination in mind. As fast as we can, hurry, hurry, last one there is a rotten Mastiff. Where exactly? No one knows but it was a race and I wanted to win.

Thankfully the back door was open because after we knocked over the kitchen trash can, two kitchen chairs and human momma ... back yard was the safest place we could be.

The lesson I learned? Zoomies are best left outside.

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Saturday 03/22/2014
My thoughts on puppies

Five weeks these puppies have been in this house and they are getting rambunctious! I’ll honestly admit that week’s one through three, I contemplated keeping one or four of them but then their eyes opened and their mouths never closed. Thank goodness, human momma got me that surgery where I don’t have puppies.

The momma dog works hard to keep them happy. She’s always eating to feed them their milk and now that they are older, they are eating kibble. When they want kibble, the entire house knows it. Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark from six mouths!! I doubt I was ever that annoying as a puppy.

They do have their positive moments. When their bellies are full and they climb on top of each other to sleep and the puppy snores start, it reminds me of when I was young and carefree. There were lots of naps and love from my siblings who went their own way, never to be seen by me again.

I often wonder what happened to my siblings. Are they still alive? Did they make it? Human momma said that the majority of litters are euthanized before their time. As much as I like the puppies, I don’t understand why people keep bringing them into the world if so many dogs are still being killed. Humans are so confusing.

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Thursday 03/20/2014
How to get a good night's sleep

I’ve got a pretty good thing here at the house. Human momma and I are in sync. We have a bedtime routine where I warm up her side and she says my name and I scoot over to give her room then I snore her to sleep. Occasionally something happens to disturb our routine, like when human daddy comes home. He travels a lot for work and when he comes home, he thinks no Trixie in the bed is a good rule. I disagree with his thought process.

I’ve learned a few tricks that I will pass along to y’all in case your human ever tries to pull the “No dogs in the bed” routine on you.

1. Immediately hop back in the bed and pretend you’re asleep. Sometimes this works but not often, however it’s a must try.

2. Go to the side of the bed and slowly raise your eyes to the ceiling, giving your best sad face and sigh slowly. Remember to do everything slowly because it’s bedtime and your humans are in a rush to go to sleep so delay that as long as possible to wear them down.

3. Pace the floor from one side of the bed to the next. Occasionally walk out the door and immediately back in. They will think you’ve given up for one microsecond but then you prove them wrong.

4. As soon as they fall asleep, slowly and very quietly crawl into the bed. As the night continues, work your way up onto the pillows so that when they wake to your magnificent breath, they will realize you are the master of the bed.

I hope these help. I know they’ve gotten me a lot of good nights sleep and the occasional night in a kennel but that’s for another blog.

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Sunday 03/09/2014
Helping with shoes

Helping human momma with the School of Wags shoe drive has turned out to be quite the adventure. I have met some pretty amazing people and they are all pretty impressed with me. I can tell because they all giggle when I lean on them to help them pet me more, and I get to inspect all the shoes that are being collected.

What smells there are, too! Some funky, some sweet, and some that I can’t begin to describe in human words, they are so unique. Humans have a lot of shoes, and thankfully, they are very generous to give so many of their used shoes to our shoe drive.

I’ve seen dogs in shoes before and I can honestly say I’m glad I don’t have to wear them. They are great for Search and Rescue dogs that need protection but me? I don’t think my naps will hurt my feet too bad and if it’s cold, I’m not going to be outside for very long. Trust me on that one!

You humans sure have a lot of shoes, considering you can only wear one pair at a time. I don’t understand that. In fact, humans have a lot of everything. Why? Human momma says she wants to make sure that if she ever needs anything, she has it. I think if anyone ever needs anything she will have it!

As for me, I’m happy with a comfortable place to sleep, my food bowl full of yummy stuff, and my family. I don’t see how anyone could need more than that.

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Tuesday 02/25/2014
Dog Cat Agreement

I know I’ve not spoken to y’all about my enemies before. I thought it best not to speak their names in print, but the Dog Cat Agreement has been broken too many times by them that I can no longer keep my silence. One cat in particular, Earl, is to blame for this debauchery. He intentionally instigates my sister, Kimber, and once she gets going then the rest of us have to participate. It’s a pack thing; you wouldn’t understand.

Once the pack gets started, human momma kicks us out of the house or kennels us and Earl the Mischievous walks around the house like he’s the king of the castle. This has to stop. It clearly states in the Dog Cat Agreement that cats leave dogs alone and dogs leave cats alone. Either he can’t read or he’s intentionally starting a ruckus. I vote intentional.

There are two cats in our house and one, Gator does his own thing and once in a while, he will clean our ears or rub on us but mostly he just ignores us and we ignore him. Earl on the other hand is out of control. I’m not saying anything will happen to Earl but if all his cat food is missing one day, it happened while I was napping. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Sunday 02/23/2014
Trixie wants to help

Have y’all ever wanted to help someone but didn’t know how? That’s how I feel about human momma today. She had to do something she really didn’t want to do and now her heart is hurting. I can feel her energy like a black cloud covering her, and even when I lie on her and lick her face, it’s not enough.

I’ve learned that the part of momma’s work she dislikes the most is sending dogs to the Rainbow Bridge. When a dog can no longer be helped and is either too sick or too mean to be saved, there’s only one option: to give them a lot of love then send them to the Rainbow Bridge to be out of pain. Human momma wants a sanctuary so we don’t have to send the mean ones on, she wants to give them somewhere to live to try to undo what humans have done to them. But until there is somewhere safe for them to live, we don’t have a choice. It sucks and our entire family goes into a funk after it happens.

I don’t understand people. I don’t understand how anyone can hurt someone just because. I guess that’s where dogs and people are different. Nothing in me wants to cause anyone harm unless I have to do it to save my family. One day human momma and I were walking and a big mean dog attacked us. I defended my momma and fought that dog off but I didn’t go looking for a fight. I didn’t want to hurt that dog, but I had to protect momma.

Human momma gets some dogs that are so hurt by humans that I want to cry and I don’t have tears. My heart hurts, and if I’m being completely honest, maybe then is the only time I want to hurt someone who isn’t hurting me or my family. But they are hurting my family because all dogs are my family. Every dog human momma brings home is my family, and when they hurt, we hurt. So you can imagine how much I want to help momma stop hurting today, and the only thing I can do is cuddle with her.

Maybe she will nap with me?

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Friday 02/21/2014
Oliver's ramblings

Hi! I’m Oliver and Trixie said I can finally talk to y’all. She blogs and some of the others have blogged and I have been waiting patiently.

OK, not so patiently. Momma says I’m a bit neurotic. I don’t know what that means. Do you know what that means? Did I tell you that I’m Oliver? I’m 9 years and 5 months old and for a Great Dane that’s old as in ancient. I tend to talk a lot. Talk as in bark, but it’s my job to tell momma when the wind blows or a bug comes near the house or even when she walks around the house. I’m really good at my job. I’m so good at my job that no one has ever wanted to take me away from my momma.

Momma rescued me a long time ago and even though a lot of people have wanted to adopt me, no one can handle my quirks. I don’t know what quirks are. Did I tell you my name is Oliver? I’m 9 years and 5 months old which is pretty old for a Great Dane.  Sometimes that happens in rescue. Sometimes dogs don’t find new homes. Sometimes dogs are quirky and they stay in rescue their entire life or their foster ends up adopting them.

I bark a lot, did I tell you that? I also had some health issues when momma first got me and since then I’ve had more. I’m allergic to antibiotics which makes me extra fun to treat if I get sick. Momma has learned a lot about holistic remedies that she now uses on other rescue dogs, so I’m a silver lining supposedly. I’m a black dog and I don’t understand how I’m a silver lining but momma smiles when she says it.

Did I tell y’all I’m 9 years and 5 months old? I’m really old for a Great Dane and proud of my age. I act like a puppy which sometimes gets me in trouble but it’s totally worth it. Oh yeah, I’m Oliver by the way.

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Thursday 02/13/2014
Definitely not a boy!

For those who know that my human momma rescues dogs, did y’all know she does it for School of Wags? School of Wags is a Mastiff rescue and yes, I’m an English Mastiff so on occasion I will go to some of the events with her.

Can you believe that sometimes people will rudely say “he is such a cute dog” when talking about me? I’m a girl. Sometimes my nails are painted, I’m always wiggling my butt, and because people often call me a boy, my human momma thought it would be a good idea to put me in a tutu. You read it right, a tutu. Not just any tutu either. This one is hot pink which is pretty cool because it matches my toe nails.

I’ll admit, I look pretty good in a tutu and very few people call me a boy. We went to Austin and I wore my tutu and was the hit of the show, if only in my mind. Momma said it’s only important what we think of ourselves in our own mind and not what others think about us.

I’m proud enough of my tutu to share the picture with y’all. Now if she tries to make me wear ballet slippers, I’m drawing the line. A crown might be OK though. Yes, a crown would definitely be OK and I could have a royal bed at each event for my naps. This could work out for me.  I need to have a talk with human momma and see just how much I “need” before the next event.

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Monday 02/10/2014
Having an off day

Today was one of those days that everything just felt a little bit off. I woke up with my snout on dad’s pillow and not mom’s. He’s not home so it’s not like I was able to serenade him with my freight train snore but I know human momma loves it because she rolls my head around for better effect when I hit a really good snore.

Human momma has a mattress warmer and when human daddy is gone, she turns his side on for me. It’s supposed to be our secret. Y’all won’t tell will you? I didn’t think so. Even with his side of the bed on, I still prefer to face her and share the snore serenade. Maybe that’s why this morning was so weird.

I woke up, stretched, said hello to Angel and Money Penny, the foster dogs that live in momma’s room, then rearranged myself for a short nap before it was my turn to go potty.  When we have an assortment of fosters, I know better than to rush to the door for potty time. There’s a hierarchy for who gets to go and it's medical cases first, then older dogs, then first out the night before is first out in the morning. There are a few of us that can go together but not many. Human momma takes on the rescue fosters that not many others will so we have to be patient with them just like she’s patient with us. In other words, we don’t drink a lot before bed.

When my morning is off it makes my entire day a little bit off as well. My naps just didn’t feel restful and even my food wasn’t yummy. Momma even tried giving me a treat of sliced cheese with medicine in it. She thinks she is tricking me but I can smell that stinky stuff and take it anyway because it’s got cheese around it. Who doesn’t love cheese?

Then tonight I finally figured out what was happening. The medicine should’ve warned me but I had forgotten last time I tasted that kind of medicine. The medicine made me really calm and then she did it. Human momma not only brushed my teeth but she scraped the hard stuff off too. She tricked me! There was only one tooth that was bad because she gives me these yummy cow bones that do a great job. I had really bad teeth when I first came here so every once in a while, she sneaks in and cleans the bad tooth.

I have to remember to stay away from cheese next time it smells like that.

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Tuesday 02/04/2014
Best hunter I ever met

My human momma is the best hunter I’ve ever met. She can leave with nothing and come home a couple hours later with bags of food. Not just once but every week she does this. She always knows how to provide for us. Human dad goes out hunting a few times a week and comes back with just a couple of things but I’ve never seen him haul in an entire truck load like mom can.

I will admit, I’ve become a lazy hunter since coming to live with my human momma. I no longer chase squirrels or birds when I know I’m going to have my food twice a day in my bowl. Sure, I have to sit or lay down before I get it. Momma calls it working for my food but it’s the easiest work I’ve ever done to eat.

My favorite part is when human momma puts fresh fruit and vegetables in my food. I like to pretend the broccoli is little trees. Do y’all ever do that? And strawberries are my favorite fruit in the world! They taste like heaven.

I will admit I’ve put on some curves that I didn’t have before and my rear end is rounder than it used to be which makes sitting much easier with the extra cushioning  to sit on.  I don’t mind the extra weight but I know it’s not a feeling humans and dogs share.  I’ve heard humans talk about losing weight and even human momma has been drinking more water than sweet tea lately. I thought she might be getting sick but it’s all about losing weight. Maybe she’s too good of a hunter and should let human daddy hunt for a while.

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Saturday 02/01/2014
Don't bring on the heat

One thing I’ve never experienced is having my own puppies. While I did have that crazy thing called a heat cycle, I was young and there weren’t other big dogs around to harass me. There are a couple of girl dogs at our house that can’t have that surgery to take away their baby makers so they are having their heat cycle and it’s making all the boys stupid. I said it, they are stupid. There’s no other way to describe it. One minute everything is fine and we’re having a nice nap and the next thing I know, Repo is sniffing the air like a bag of treats is calling his name.

Other than the smell, there’s the mess. Human momma is always cleaning up after the two girls. Gross is the only word I know to describe it and while I understand it is part of life, does it have to be so messy? I am grateful I had the surgery and don’t have a heat cycle anymore. The girls are messy and grumpy to me. They want to play with the boys but to me, they only want to growl. I don’t think that’s very nice.

It’s also the opposite of how human momma is on her heat cycle: She’s grumpy to everybody. She probably doesn’t want y’all to know this so keep it to yourself but when she is on her heat cycle, I take my naps outside.  I notice that human daddy stays out of her way, too. Daddy says that since he has four daughters, he wants to build a cabin out back to stay in. I wonder if he will let me nap there with him sometimes?

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Thursday 01/23/2014
Trixie confesses

Hello, my name is Trixie and I’m a treat addict. I’ve gone zero days without a treat and binged last night. I found the stash of treats human momma has for the foster dogs and well, umm ...  they smelled really good. So I thought I would taste one and that one tasted really good and one led to two. Then before I knew it, the entire bag was gone. I knew I was going to be in big trouble because I have a slight weight problem already, so as soon as I heard human momma up and out of bed, I had my plan of action. I hid.

That’s right, I hid. I don’t really know why but it seemed to make the most sense at the time. I knew she would know it was me since I was the only dog out in that part of the house. But I was on a treat high and I wasn’t thinking straight! I only knew I needed to get out of the area and I couldn’t hide the evidence. So I hid.

Remember I mentioned my slight weight problem? I thought I was hiding but only my front half was actually hiding. My back half was still exposed. Human momma saw me, asked me what I thought I was doing and told me to get outside before I started getting sick on the carpet. She knows me so well.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do bad things feel so good while we’re doing them even though we know we will pay the price later? My butt paid the price for all those treats and my tummy was rolling for hours. Those few minutes of over indulgence weren’t worth it, but if I know me I will probably do it again sometime in the future. As soon as my tummy forgets what it went through today.

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Chasing demons

Do you enjoy walks? My sister loves them and when I say she loves them, I don’t mean she just gets excited. I mean she freaks out. She barks and jumps and if I didn’t know any better, I would think someone was offering her a steak and a nap.

Me, I enjoy a nice leisurely car ride where I can nap. But I’ve not always been a lazy girl. I’ve been in a hog pen. I know that might surprise some of y’all because I look and act like a diva, but it’s true. I can throw down like a country girl.

It all started after I was rescued. I was working through some issues. It’s a common thing and one way human momma and daddy helped me was to let me chase a hog. Momma didn’t let me catch it because as she says, “Trixie can chase but there’s no catch in that girl.” Which is fine because those hogs are ugly, stinky and have a nasty attitude. Yes, I’m curling my nose and sticking my tongue out remembering the smell.

The protective vest and neck gear human momma strapped me in was pretty heavy and made of Kevlar to keep me safe, It didn’t slow me down. When I saw that hog running, I took off. Something inside me said “move” and I was gone. It felt wonderful to run after something that was mean to me. Momma said I was chasing my demons, and maybe I was, because after that day, I was a lot calmer. I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Maybe that day was about proving something to myself, that I could run with the big dogs now that I had someone to show me how to protect myself.

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Sunday 01/19/2014
Fostering is hard on Trixie, too

One of the hardest parts of helping human momma rescue dogs is making friends with one and then saying goodbye when they go to their new home. I admit I am a diva when it comes to getting attention from people who come to visit, but there is the occasional dog who passes through here that I miss when they are gone.

One dog I miss and still see occasionally is Shiloh. She was born in our garage on Thanksgiving Day 2011. She was so small that my human momma had to carry her around in her bra to keep her warm when her dog momma pushed her away.  The dog momma had so many puppies that she couldn’t feed them all and the weak ones would get pushed away so the strong ones could eat. Human momma wouldn’t let them die. She was able to save most of them, and Shiloh was the smallest with the biggest heart.

Shiloh needed a momma dog to show her the ropes so I stepped in. In fact, my whole pack taught her how to be a really good dog. Now she’s in a home where she’s a really good dog, just like we taught her. I’m proud of her, and even though I miss her, it’s like human momma said - sending her to a forever home made room for another dog at our house.

Fostering is tough but it makes my heart feel good knowing we are helping the dogs who don’t have families as awesome as ours. Every dog deserves to know what it feels like to be loved.

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Friday 01/17/2014
Trixie and vegetables

Seems there are some sneaky dogs in my house - jumping on my blog to have their say when I am taking a nap! How rude! A girl needs her beauty sleep, doesn’t she? That being the case, I’ve decided to invite them to occasionally borrow my blog to tell you about themselves from time to time. Human momma said it will help y’all get to know them better and give my paws a break from all this typing.

That being said, I have to update y’all on some recent news that has come to my attention. Vegetables are good for me. I don’t mean that they just taste good but they are also good for me! Human momma has been giving them to me for a long time and I love them. Carrots, lettuce, cucumbers and broccoli are so yummy and tail-wagging delicious.

I thought I was getting something sinful but human momma was talking to another human about how to help her dog lose weight. She said give him more vegetables and less kibble. I was confused; my vegetables help me lose weight? Heck, yeah, give me some more.

I’ve also learned they make my butt bark which makes human momma yell “Trixie” and wave her hand in front of her face which makes me laugh. Sometimes the butt barks are really quiet and they sneak up on human momma and she scrunches up her nose and kicks me off the couch. I still laugh because it’s really funny when I bark out of my butt.

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Thursday 01/16/2014
Angel's perspective

Trixie is napping and I’m taking the opportunity to introduce myself and share a different perspective on her human momma with you. My name is Angel ... at least that’s what they call me now. I didn’t have a name before I came here. I lived on the streets of Houston and I’m not even sure how old I am because that’s not important when every day is a struggle to stay alive. I can’t even remember how many humans have been cruel to me or how many cars have almost hit me. One car did hit me and dislocated my hip and I got wrapped up in some sort of metal that tore my side up pretty badly. But that was all before I came here.

I didn’t know love before, and to be honest, I was pretty scared at first. I was not used to people touching me and talking to me and all of the sudden, she wanted to touch me like I wasn’t horrible or anything. She spent hours talking to me. Her voice was soothing and I would fall asleep listening to her. She would use towels to scratch my skin, and oh my goodness, it felt so wonderful. Like I was rolling in fresh grass! My skin was so itchy but I couldn’t reach all the spots and somehow she knew just where to scratch me. Every day was easier to trust her. I wondered, Is this what love felt like? Was love when someone knew exactly where to scratch without being told?

I can honestly say I’m glad I’m here with Trixie and her human momma. Being a foster isn’t a bad thing. Until I can find my own home, I don’t think they mind if I consider them my family, too. In fact, she told me she is my Momma Kat and that made me wag my tail a lot.

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Tuesday 01/14/2014
The truth about my naps

Some human words confuse me. Famous versus infamous for example. I’m not sure which one applies to me and my naps. I like to take naps, so I take a lot of them. I wasn’t able to take a lot of them before I came to live with human momma so I feel like I have a lot to make up for. Whenever human momma needs a nap, I’m the one she calls to go with her. When she’s working on the computer writing her Dog Tales column, I nap at her feet. When anyone is watching television, I nap with them on the couch. In fact, I don’t even put my head out the Expedition window. I nap on car trips.

When I was approached to write a blog, they assured me it would be short and would not get in the way of my naps. It’s the one thing I think y’all humans don’t do enough of: Slowing down. I’m not saying y’all need to nap as much as I do, but how often do y’all slow down and just relax? Sometimes I have to sit on human momma to get her to stop doing stuff. Is that what it takes for the rest of y’all? Do you need me to come sit on you too?

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Sunday 01/12/2014
I don't like the stinky girl

There’s a new dog in our house. She smells weird, like sadness. Human momma said the dog was hurt by people and her sadness is leaving her body while she’s here with us. I know I’m supposed to be kind but I don’t like her at all. She growls at me, she growls at everyone and human momma has to spend a lot of time with her helping her trust humans again. I tried talking to this dog. I tried telling her to relax, and human momma told me to quit barking at her. Sometimes I wish human momma understood my words like I understand hers.

One thing people don’t understand about my pack is that all the good work human momma does for the rescue dogs includes us. Stinky dog watches us being good dogs, receiving love and slowly it should sink in that humans aren’t horrible. Slowly, human momma will let us interact with her and she will learn how to be a happier dog. She'll learn that not all humans will hurt her. My job is to get past her growling and that’s easy for me. I don’t like her now because she is sending me bad energy, telling me she wants to fight. Plus, she's stinky. I’m big enough to admit I don’t like the stink.

Human momma has taught me to send good energy out there so I will keep doing that and Stinky will send it back one day. No one can resist human momma and our pack for long. I should rest up in case human momma needs my help later…..

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Thursday 01/09/2014
Cold weather: Brrrrrr!

It’s so cold outside; I won’t even go out without human momma persuading me in the morning. What happened? One day it’s nice, then it’s cold, then it’s nice again. This weather roller coaster has me needing more naps than usual.

Some dogs (ahem Kimber) feel that cold air and the energy surges through them. Kimber has been extra frisky with the cold weather and getting into a bit of trouble. You see, Kimber had surgery a week or so ago and she’s refused to keep her bandage on. She’s destroyed the cone of shame several times, and just to keep things interesting, she started pulling her own stitches out. Now she’s running around outside in the cold in a hilarious bandage of gauze, ace bandage, a sock, a plastic grocery bag and some duct tape. That will teach her to mess with human momma!

There is one thing I love about cold weather – cuddling! Cold weather is the perfect time to crawl up in your human’s lap and help them warm up. Human momma says I am one of the best blankets she has ever had. Remember, we all do what we can to help the humans, so make the sacrifice of sleeping inbed with your human to keep them warm. They deserve it after all they do for us.

Here comes Kimber and wouldn’t you know it, the bandage is gone.

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Saturday 01/04/2014
My main man has issues, but I love him

My older brother isn’t really my brother; he’s more like my husband. I know it sounds very redneck, but I can explain. Human momma and daddy adopted both of us but we’re more compatible as an old married couple. We rule the dog roost so I think of him as my main doggy man. His name is Repo and he’s 160 pounds of brindle sweetheart.

Human momma and daddy rescued him from a friend in Kentucky who bought him from a breeder in Texas. Repo has bone issues, ACL issues and some attitude issues that even lots of training won’t fix. Momma and daddy met his breeder and even befriended him for a while, trying to help him. But it didn’t work. Human momma said when your heart isn’t right, your body can’t do right things either.

I’m glad I’m a dog. It’s so much easier to see something that needs fixing and fix it or ask for help. If someone is bad, run them away from the pack. It’s easy to be a dog, until I think of the dogs human momma rescues. I guess for them it isn’t easy ... because humans mess things up by over breeding or spoiling them and then dumping them at shelters. That's what my human momma says.

I think I’m going to need another nap. This is harder than I thought.

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Thursday 01/02/2014
Where does all the good poop go?

Human momma keeps picking my poop up. Not just mine either; she’s on a mission to pick up all the poop from our yard every day. My sister, Kimber, was trying to be helpful and ate some of it and human momma was NOT impressed.  It’s not like she kissed her afterward or anything. Hmmm maybe that would’ve helped?

I was outside sunning myself while the poop-picking-up was happening, and I started thinking about where all the poop goes. I know it goes in a bag then to the trash can and the big truck picks it up, but is there a poop depository? Should I be making more? Human momma gives classes and shows people the difference between good food and bad dog food and how to have less dog poop in the yard. Maybe a depository isn’t where it goes. If they aren’t saving it, why pick it up?

Humans are so confusing. I need another nap.

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Monday 12/30/2013
Hijacked by Kimber

I’ve been watching my sister, Trixie, chat with y’all and post ugly pictures of me and thought I’d hijack her blog to have my say. First, Brazilian Mastiffs are not supposed to be as cuddly as English Mastiffs, which is why we are leaner and more nimble than the English. Yes, we do slightly resemble Bloodhounds but it was a necessity to get the tracking nose we need to find whatever we are looking for. You can read all about us online, just Google Fila Brasileiro and watch your jaw drop at how awesome we are.

When momma brought me home, I was a foster from another rescue. I wasn’t nice to anyone and didn’t plan on ever being nice. Why should I? My previous home left me in a kennel 23 hours a day to toughen me up and it worked. Daddy said, “No way is THAT dog going to stay here” and momma said “Give her a chance.” Fast forward a few months, and now daddy is my boyfriend. He’s my favorite and I’m his, even if he can’t tell momma that out loud. I know I am his favorite because he trains me the most. I know the most obedience and when he tells me to do something, I do it the first time. I don’t take my time like some dogs ~ahem~ Trixalicious. Momma says there’s a difference in us. I’m a demo dog and Trixie is a therapeutic dog so we don’t need to do the same things. So I shouldn’t compare myself to her. Momma is usually right about these things, and she did give me a chance that worked out to be pretty amazing.

I see why Trixie likes to talk to y’all. This blogging thing isn’t so bad. Now, let’s hope she doesn’t read her own blogs and find out I was on here.  Y’all pray my sister doesn’t sit her big butt on me!  - Kimber

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Saturday 12/28/2013
Watch out for the evil nail clippers

Is there a reason my nails HAVE to be clipped? Every other week, human momma brings out the torture device and holds my paw and expects me to sit there and allow my nails to be clipped. I refuse to allow it to happen. I will not sit quietly by and have my nails taken from me without at least a partial fight.

My brothers on the other hand are so gullible. They sit there and look at human momma like she hung the moon on a string and the torture devices are somehow magic. Repo is 5 years old, and because he’s older than me by a year, it’s almost like he’s given up somehow. Most of the time, he sleeps through the nail clipping.

My sister, on the other paw, uderstands the evil of the clippers. Human momma has to try to be sneaky and catch Kimber sleeping, leash her and do a couple of nails, then wait, do a couple more nails, wait and repeat. This is secretly one of the few times Kimber outshines me in my eyes. You see, I can’t resist mom that long. I love her too much.

I always think of the kindness she shows me, and I eventually let her trim my nails. Plus, she has treats, which I adore. If they are cheese slices, I even let her paint my nails for special occasions. That part makes me feel fancy but don’t tell human momma or I will have my nails trimmed weekly.

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Saturday 12/21/2013
How I met my momma

Human momma has done it again! I finally had my own space to say what I thought and she went and asked her friends what I should write about. Now, they want me to tell about how we met. I suppose they are tired of her telling her side. I will admit, it’s a pretty neat story with a happy ending.

I lived with a family in Waco. One day, the human mom and two kids were in an auto accident. They never came home after that. The human dad and other kid who weren’t very nice to me kept me outside where the neighbors let their little dogs bite me a lot. I tried to tell them "no" but then the neighbors would hit me. I didn’t like that more than the little dogs biting me so I just let the little dogs bite me.

One night, the lady who is now my human momma drove up in a huge truck. After a while, I was put in her truck and she smelled so nice, like home. I put my head on her shoulder and didn’t move it once all the way to her house.

I remember the food tasted fresh and the water was clean. The bed was soft and I slept really well. I wasn’t scared at all. Not once did anyone bite me or hit me and I even got to be inside. The nice lady told me I was going to be OK, but what she didn’t know was that I was already better than I had ever been. I’m so glad she’s my human momma forever now.

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Wednesday 12/18/2013
It's not all about the looks

Whew! What a week this has been. I’ve watched my human mom bring five new fosters into the house. Thankfully they aren’t all staying here but who does she think I am? The Energizer Bunny? I need my sleep and this disruption causes me to lose a nap or four. Yesterday, I only slept 19 hours. What is this world coming to?

I don’t understand the holidays. When the tree goes up, why do some humans send their pets to shelters? Human mom tried to explain there is a cycle to the rescue world but I don’t think she understands it either. One of the new girls, Cindy Lou Who is gorgeous. Not English Mastiff gorgeous but Neapolitan gorgeous with wrinkles and giant folds of skin with drool hanging everywhere. People are going crazy for her but she was dropped off at a kill shelter so not everyone thinks she is pretty enough to keep. It got me to thinking and that caused me to lose even more sleep.

Humans choose to chase beauty but they can’t always handle beauty when they have it. Maybe they should look inside where beauty is only found by those who take the time to get to know someone. Some of my best friends are ugly dogs, like my sister Kimber.

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Saturday 12/14/2013
All about me and my pack

An important part of newspaper writing is setting the stage, leading the reader into the story, so bear with me as I lead you into my world.

Imagine a serene peaceful place filled with bones and pillows then toss in some annoying foster family members who could be around for a few days or months. That’s my world.

I’m Trixie, also known as Trixalicious, and my human mom rescues dogs. Not just any dogs either: Mastiffs. All breeds of Mastiffs to include English, which is what I am. We have the Bull, which is my brother, and Brazilian, my sister, the German aka Great Dane who is my older brother, and the newest member of my pack, the Dogue De Bordeaux, aka French Mastiff, my little brother who does like to lick a lot.

At any one time we can have one or 10 foster dogs with us in our house so I have to share my space with a lot of different dogs. And no one asked me if that was OK. So when my human mom asked if I wanted to blog for the newspaper, can you guess what I said? Now's my chance to speak, so come along with me on this ride and see what a dog’s world is really like!

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