Trixie thinking about her special person

Trixie thinking about hugging her human momma

Know what I love most about the rain? The mud! I love the way it squishes in my paws and coats my fur when I lay in it. Don’t you just love the way it slides under your feet?

Human momma isn’t as excited when I bring her globs of mud into the house. She rolls her eyes and says “Oh Trixie, not again” and get a towel or the hose like I did something wrong.  I wish she understood how much time it took me to get all that mud in just the right spot before I brought it in the house.

My brother, Oliver the Great Dane, is a tattle tale. When the thunder starts and the rain begins to trickle, he starts barking. As if the rest of us can’t hear it rain or thunder and he needs to let us know. Honestly though, he’s scared of the rain. I don’t understand it but human momma has a thunder shirt for him that helps him get through the storms and not be so scared. I like that about her; she knows what we each need and works to help us. Do you have someone like that in your life? Who sees what you need and helps you to get it?

Today you should hug that person. No special reason why other than they deserve it. I’m going to go hug human momma and try to keep the mud out of the house. That would be nice of me.

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Trixie, you are just awesome. Your insight and sensibility is so wonderful. Yes, we all have to take a look around and realize that there might be others who need a kind, encouraging word or a hug.
I wish I could hug your neck Trixie ..... I am sure it would be really good for me :o)

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