All about me

Here I am sharing my space with my brother Repo and my sister Kimber.

An important part of newspaper writing is setting the stage, leading the reader into the story, so bear with me as I lead you into my world.

Imagine a serene peaceful place filled with bones and pillows then toss in some annoying foster family members who could be around for a few days or months. That’s my world.

I’m Trixie, also known as Trixalicious, and my human mom rescues dogs. Not just any dogs either: Mastiffs. All breeds of Mastiffs to include English, which is what I am. We have the Bull, which is my brother, and Brazilian, my sister, the German aka Great Dane who is my older brother, and the newest member of my pack, the Dogue De Bordeaux, aka French Mastiff, my little brother who does like to lick a lot.

At any one time we can have one or 10 foster dogs with us in our house so I have to share my space with a lot of different dogs. And no one asked me if that was OK. So when my human mom asked if I wanted to blog for the newspaper, can you guess what I said? Now's my chance to speak, so come along with me on this ride and see what a dog’s world is really like!

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