Human momma didn't know it but I was checking out the birds at the park to see if I could catch one. I didn't get one.

Something has me feeling like a puppy! Every time I go on the back porch, I hear them in the brick columns: “chirp, chirp, chirp.” I just have to bark to say “hello” which doesn’t make any of the other dogs happy. They come running over to see what I’m barking at and when they discover it’s just the baby birds, they bark at me but I don’t care. I can’t help it, the babies are so exciting.

I know I shouldn’t want to, but I want to catch them in my mouth and hold them for a while. Maybe hold them in my stomach. Don’t tell human momma that I want to hold them in my stomach. She loves when the birds come every year and build their nests bigger than the year before and lay their eggs. She watches for the babies to arrive and then, as they grow and start flying, human momma cheers them on as they take off into the world.

I’m all for them heading off into the world. I don’t want all of them; I just want one. I’ll even take the little one… to hold… in my stomach…forever.

Is that too much to ask?

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