Here I am with my favorite hunter after one particularly good "hunt."

My human momma is the best hunter I’ve ever met. She can leave with nothing and come home a couple hours later with bags of food. Not just once but every week she does this. She always knows how to provide for us. Human dad goes out hunting a few times a week and comes back with just a couple of things but I’ve never seen him haul in an entire truck load like mom can.

I will admit, I’ve become a lazy hunter since coming to live with my human momma. I no longer chase squirrels or birds when I know I’m going to have my food twice a day in my bowl. Sure, I have to sit or lay down before I get it. Momma calls it working for my food but it’s the easiest work I’ve ever done to eat.

My favorite part is when human momma puts fresh fruit and vegetables in my food. I like to pretend the broccoli is little trees. Do y’all ever do that? And strawberries are my favorite fruit in the world! They taste like heaven.

I will admit I’ve put on some curves that I didn’t have before and my rear end is rounder than it used to be which makes sitting much easier with the extra cushioning  to sit on.  I don’t mind the extra weight but I know it’s not a feeling humans and dogs share.  I’ve heard humans talk about losing weight and even human momma has been drinking more water than sweet tea lately. I thought she might be getting sick but it’s all about losing weight. Maybe she’s too good of a hunter and should let human daddy hunt for a while.

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