After the hog pen

After my run in the hog pen ... I chased my demons and came out the other side

Do you enjoy walks? My sister loves them and when I say she loves them, I don’t mean she just gets excited. I mean she freaks out. She barks and jumps and if I didn’t know any better, I would think someone was offering her a steak and a nap.

Me, I enjoy a nice leisurely car ride where I can nap. But I’ve not always been a lazy girl. I’ve been in a hog pen. I know that might surprise some of y’all because I look and act like a diva, but it’s true. I can throw down like a country girl.

It all started after I was rescued. I was working through some issues. It’s a common thing and one way human momma and daddy helped me was to let me chase a hog. Momma didn’t let me catch it because as she says, “Trixie can chase but there’s no catch in that girl.” Which is fine because those hogs are ugly, stinky and have a nasty attitude. Yes, I’m curling my nose and sticking my tongue out remembering the smell.

The protective vest and neck gear human momma strapped me in was pretty heavy and made of Kevlar to keep me safe, It didn’t slow me down. When I saw that hog running, I took off. Something inside me said “move” and I was gone. It felt wonderful to run after something that was mean to me. Momma said I was chasing my demons, and maybe I was, because after that day, I was a lot calmer. I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Maybe that day was about proving something to myself, that I could run with the big dogs now that I had someone to show me how to protect myself.

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