Kimber before destroying the cone of shame

Kimber and human momma before Kimber destroyed the cone of shame

It’s so cold outside; I won’t even go out without human momma persuading me in the morning. What happened? One day it’s nice, then it’s cold, then it’s nice again. This weather roller coaster has me needing more naps than usual.

Some dogs (ahem Kimber) feel that cold air and the energy surges through them. Kimber has been extra frisky with the cold weather and getting into a bit of trouble. You see, Kimber had surgery a week or so ago and she’s refused to keep her bandage on. She’s destroyed the cone of shame several times, and just to keep things interesting, she started pulling her own stitches out. Now she’s running around outside in the cold in a hilarious bandage of gauze, ace bandage, a sock, a plastic grocery bag and some duct tape. That will teach her to mess with human momma!

There is one thing I love about cold weather – cuddling! Cold weather is the perfect time to crawl up in your human’s lap and help them warm up. Human momma says I am one of the best blankets she has ever had. Remember, we all do what we can to help the humans, so make the sacrifice of sleeping inbed with your human to keep them warm. They deserve it after all they do for us.

Here comes Kimber and wouldn’t you know it, the bandage is gone.

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Trixie Leisinger



What a rascal that Kimber is! And I agree with you Trixie, the best part of the cold weather is cuddling!

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