I won't be mistaken for a boy in this outfit

For those who know that my human momma rescues dogs, did y’all know she does it for School of Wags? School of Wags is a Mastiff rescue and yes, I’m an English Mastiff so on occasion I will go to some of the events with her.

Can you believe that sometimes people will rudely say “he is such a cute dog” when talking about me? I’m a girl. Sometimes my nails are painted, I’m always wiggling my butt, and because people often call me a boy, my human momma thought it would be a good idea to put me in a tutu. You read it right, a tutu. Not just any tutu either. This one is hot pink which is pretty cool because it matches my toe nails.

I’ll admit, I look pretty good in a tutu and very few people call me a boy. We went to Austin and I wore my tutu and was the hit of the show, if only in my mind. Momma said it’s only important what we think of ourselves in our own mind and not what others think about us.

I’m proud enough of my tutu to share the picture with y’all. Now if she tries to make me wear ballet slippers, I’m drawing the line. A crown might be OK though. Yes, a crown would definitely be OK and I could have a royal bed at each event for my naps. This could work out for me.  I need to have a talk with human momma and see just how much I “need” before the next event.

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