Earl taking over Momma's lap

Earl attempting to violate the Dog Cat Agreement by "hogging" human momma's lap

I know I’ve not spoken to y’all about my enemies before. I thought it best not to speak their names in print, but the Dog Cat Agreement has been broken too many times by them that I can no longer keep my silence. One cat in particular, Earl, is to blame for this debauchery. He intentionally instigates my sister, Kimber, and once she gets going then the rest of us have to participate. It’s a pack thing; you wouldn’t understand.

Once the pack gets started, human momma kicks us out of the house or kennels us and Earl the Mischievous walks around the house like he’s the king of the castle. This has to stop. It clearly states in the Dog Cat Agreement that cats leave dogs alone and dogs leave cats alone. Either he can’t read or he’s intentionally starting a ruckus. I vote intentional.

There are two cats in our house and one, Gator does his own thing and once in a while, he will clean our ears or rub on us but mostly he just ignores us and we ignore him. Earl on the other hand is out of control. I’m not saying anything will happen to Earl but if all his cat food is missing one day, it happened while I was napping. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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