Trying to nap outside

Trying to nap outside away from the "heat"

One thing I’ve never experienced is having my own puppies. While I did have that crazy thing called a heat cycle, I was young and there weren’t other big dogs around to harass me. There are a couple of girl dogs at our house that can’t have that surgery to take away their baby makers so they are having their heat cycle and it’s making all the boys stupid. I said it, they are stupid. There’s no other way to describe it. One minute everything is fine and we’re having a nice nap and the next thing I know, Repo is sniffing the air like a bag of treats is calling his name.

Other than the smell, there’s the mess. Human momma is always cleaning up after the two girls. Gross is the only word I know to describe it and while I understand it is part of life, does it have to be so messy? I am grateful I had the surgery and don’t have a heat cycle anymore. The girls are messy and grumpy to me. They want to play with the boys but to me, they only want to growl. I don’t think that’s very nice.

It’s also the opposite of how human momma is on her heat cycle: She’s grumpy to everybody. She probably doesn’t want y’all to know this so keep it to yourself but when she is on her heat cycle, I take my naps outside.  I notice that human daddy stays out of her way, too. Daddy says that since he has four daughters, he wants to build a cabin out back to stay in. I wonder if he will let me nap there with him sometimes?

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