To feed her ego, I now have a fake press pass to direct people to read my online blog in the opinion section at KDH online.

I’m officially famous and I wanted to share it with y’all first. I’ve been recognized a few times but this is the first time someone asked me for my paw print! It threw human momma for a loop! She didn’t know what to say so she thought fast and said that I had just had my nails done and couldn’t get inked, would they be happy with a picture instead and they said yes.

I don’t think that it changes anything around my house. None of the family treats me any different now that I’m famous but I had a big head for a little while and momma made me a fake press pass for this week’s blog picture. I don’t think the newspaper wants me wearing it in public so I won’t but it looks good online.

Wonder how things would be different if Kimber treated me like the famous dog I am? If she moved out of my way when it was treat time and let me do things first? Honestly, I think it would get boring. Who wants to be treated like that all the time? Never knowing if someone is your friend because you’re famous or if they really like you would be exhausting. I barely get enough naps now, I can’t imagine having time to be that famous and take that many naps in one day.

I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not recognized every time I leave the house. Don’t let that stop you from coming up and petting me if you see me though…and strawberries are always a nice touch.

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