I miss Shiloh, one of my favorite fosters.

One of the hardest parts of helping human momma rescue dogs is making friends with one and then saying goodbye when they go to their new home. I admit I am a diva when it comes to getting attention from people who come to visit, but there is the occasional dog who passes through here that I miss when they are gone.

One dog I miss and still see occasionally is Shiloh. She was born in our garage on Thanksgiving Day 2011. She was so small that my human momma had to carry her around in her bra to keep her warm when her dog momma pushed her away.  The dog momma had so many puppies that she couldn’t feed them all and the weak ones would get pushed away so the strong ones could eat. Human momma wouldn’t let them die. She was able to save most of them, and Shiloh was the smallest with the biggest heart.

Shiloh needed a momma dog to show her the ropes so I stepped in. In fact, my whole pack taught her how to be a really good dog. Now she’s in a home where she’s a really good dog, just like we taught her. I’m proud of her, and even though I miss her, it’s like human momma said - sending her to a forever home made room for another dog at our house.

Fostering is tough but it makes my heart feel good knowing we are helping the dogs who don’t have families as awesome as ours. Every dog deserves to know what it feels like to be loved.

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