Rain during the hailstorm

Looking out the window before the hailstorm started.

I’m not sure where y’all live but a week or so ago, we got a hail storm here at our house and whew! It was scary. So scary that it woke me up from my nap and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Human daddy went outside afterward and took me with him; there was ice everywhere. I wasn’t impressed because only a few hours earlier, I had been sunning myself in the backyard listening to the birds...and then ice!

Human momma came home and I told her all about the storm. While she listened to me and checked out he ice, she was more interested in checking the roof out. Seems our roof has to be replaced and human momma said I have to be inside while the roofers are here putting a new roof on. I’ve never had a new roof so I’m kind of excited. I hope I get to pick the new roof out. Maybe I can get a nap station installed with an elevator to the roof because ladders are difficult for me.

My brother, Oliver, barks a lot when new people come around. I can just picture it now. All the roofers will show up and he will bark his fool head off. Wonder if I could send him on a vacation before construction begins? Hmmmmm that’s an idea I need to talk to human momma about because I won’t be able to take all my naps if Oliver is barking all the time.

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