Trixie showing off her pearly whites

Today was one of those days that everything just felt a little bit off. I woke up with my snout on dad’s pillow and not mom’s. He’s not home so it’s not like I was able to serenade him with my freight train snore but I know human momma loves it because she rolls my head around for better effect when I hit a really good snore.

Human momma has a mattress warmer and when human daddy is gone, she turns his side on for me. It’s supposed to be our secret. Y’all won’t tell will you? I didn’t think so. Even with his side of the bed on, I still prefer to face her and share the snore serenade. Maybe that’s why this morning was so weird.

I woke up, stretched, said hello to Angel and Money Penny, the foster dogs that live in momma’s room, then rearranged myself for a short nap before it was my turn to go potty.  When we have an assortment of fosters, I know better than to rush to the door for potty time. There’s a hierarchy for who gets to go and it's medical cases first, then older dogs, then first out the night before is first out in the morning. There are a few of us that can go together but not many. Human momma takes on the rescue fosters that not many others will so we have to be patient with them just like she’s patient with us. In other words, we don’t drink a lot before bed.

When my morning is off it makes my entire day a little bit off as well. My naps just didn’t feel restful and even my food wasn’t yummy. Momma even tried giving me a treat of sliced cheese with medicine in it. She thinks she is tricking me but I can smell that stinky stuff and take it anyway because it’s got cheese around it. Who doesn’t love cheese?

Then tonight I finally figured out what was happening. The medicine should’ve warned me but I had forgotten last time I tasted that kind of medicine. The medicine made me really calm and then she did it. Human momma not only brushed my teeth but she scraped the hard stuff off too. She tricked me! There was only one tooth that was bad because she gives me these yummy cow bones that do a great job. I had really bad teeth when I first came here so every once in a while, she sneaks in and cleans the bad tooth.

I have to remember to stay away from cheese next time it smells like that.

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