Helping human momma with the School of Wags shoe drive has turned out to be quite the adventure. I have met some pretty amazing people and they are all pretty impressed with me. I can tell because they all giggle when I lean on them to help them pet me more, and I get to inspect all the shoes that are being collected.

What smells there are, too! Some funky, some sweet, and some that I can’t begin to describe in human words, they are so unique. Humans have a lot of shoes, and thankfully, they are very generous to give so many of their used shoes to our shoe drive.

I’ve seen dogs in shoes before and I can honestly say I’m glad I don’t have to wear them. They are great for Search and Rescue dogs that need protection but me? I don’t think my naps will hurt my feet too bad and if it’s cold, I’m not going to be outside for very long. Trust me on that one!

You humans sure have a lot of shoes, considering you can only wear one pair at a time. I don’t understand that. In fact, humans have a lot of everything. Why? Human momma says she wants to make sure that if she ever needs anything, she has it. I think if anyone ever needs anything she will have it!

As for me, I’m happy with a comfortable place to sleep, my food bowl full of yummy stuff, and my family. I don’t see how anyone could need more than that.

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