Kimber's first week at Trixie's house

I’ve been watching my sister, Trixie, chat with y’all and post ugly pictures of me and thought I’d hijack her blog to have my say. First, Brazilian Mastiffs are not supposed to be as cuddly as English Mastiffs, which is why we are leaner and more nimble than the English. Yes, we do slightly resemble Bloodhounds but it was a necessity to get the tracking nose we need to find whatever we are looking for. You can read all about us online, just Google Fila Brasileiro and watch your jaw drop at how awesome we are.

When momma brought me home, I was a foster from another rescue. I wasn’t nice to anyone and didn’t plan on ever being nice. Why should I? My previous home left me in a kennel 23 hours a day to toughen me up and it worked. Daddy said, “No way is THAT dog going to stay here” and momma said “Give her a chance.” Fast forward a few months, and now daddy is my boyfriend. He’s my favorite and I’m his, even if he can’t tell momma that out loud. I know I am his favorite because he trains me the most. I know the most obedience and when he tells me to do something, I do it the first time. I don’t take my time like some dogs ~ahem~ Trixalicious. Momma says there’s a difference in us. I’m a demo dog and Trixie is a therapeutic dog so we don’t need to do the same things. So I shouldn’t compare myself to her. Momma is usually right about these things, and she did give me a chance that worked out to be pretty amazing.

I see why Trixie likes to talk to y’all. This blogging thing isn’t so bad. Now, let’s hope she doesn’t read her own blogs and find out I was on here.  Y’all pray my sister doesn’t sit her big butt on me!  - Kimber

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