Two of the little humans in my house.

This blog is for the dogs out there. Does the full moon make the humans in your house freaky? I’m not sure what’s going on but the little humans in our house get a little weird when the moon is full. I’m beginning to wonder if they are part werewolf. They don’t smell wolfish but sometimes my nose throws me off so I could be mistaken.

Human momma talks about the full moon affecting my brothers and sisters, but I don’t think she’s paying attention to the two-legged kids in the house. During the last full moon, one of the kids was dancing most of the night to “Happy” and I was most definitely not “Happy” that I was being used as a dance partner instead of getting my nine hours of sleep.

Human momma says it’s something called hormones but it sounds more like horror-mones to me. Do all two-legged kids go through this? If so, why do humans keep having them and how long does this last? The dancing really isn’t that bad but the happy one minute, mean the next part? What is that and how do you get it to stop? Human momma would kennel me if I acted like that or at least tell me “Trixie! Outside!”  I’ve yet to see her send a two-legged kid outside when they act like that. She just takes their phone away or once a bedroom door was removed, but I don’t think I’m supposed to tell y’all that. I’m sure a teenager will roll their eyes at me for telling that one.

I better start my nap now so I won’t see their eyes roll. Wish me luck y’all.

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