Trixie and her human momma

Me (Trixie) and my human momma Kathryn Leisinger.

Human momma has done it again! I finally had my own space to say what I thought and she went and asked her friends what I should write about. Now, they want me to tell about how we met. I suppose they are tired of her telling her side. I will admit, it’s a pretty neat story with a happy ending.

I lived with a family in Waco. One day, the human mom and two kids were in an auto accident. They never came home after that. The human dad and other kid who weren’t very nice to me kept me outside where the neighbors let their little dogs bite me a lot. I tried to tell them "no" but then the neighbors would hit me. I didn’t like that more than the little dogs biting me so I just let the little dogs bite me.

One night, the lady who is now my human momma drove up in a huge truck. After a while, I was put in her truck and she smelled so nice, like home. I put my head on her shoulder and didn’t move it once all the way to her house.

I remember the food tasted fresh and the water was clean. The bed was soft and I slept really well. I wasn’t scared at all. Not once did anyone bite me or hit me and I even got to be inside. The nice lady told me I was going to be OK, but what she didn’t know was that I was already better than I had ever been. I’m so glad she’s my human momma forever now.

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I'm so glad that yall found each other!

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