Human daddy tries to ruin my nighttime routine but I showed him!!

I’ve got a pretty good thing here at the house. Human momma and I are in sync. We have a bedtime routine where I warm up her side and she says my name and I scoot over to give her room then I snore her to sleep. Occasionally something happens to disturb our routine, like when human daddy comes home. He travels a lot for work and when he comes home, he thinks no Trixie in the bed is a good rule. I disagree with his thought process.

I’ve learned a few tricks that I will pass along to y’all in case your human ever tries to pull the “No dogs in the bed” routine on you.

1. Immediately hop back in the bed and pretend you’re asleep. Sometimes this works but not often, however it’s a must try.

2. Go to the side of the bed and slowly raise your eyes to the ceiling, giving your best sad face and sigh slowly. Remember to do everything slowly because it’s bedtime and your humans are in a rush to go to sleep so delay that as long as possible to wear them down.

3. Pace the floor from one side of the bed to the next. Occasionally walk out the door and immediately back in. They will think you’ve given up for one microsecond but then you prove them wrong.

4. As soon as they fall asleep, slowly and very quietly crawl into the bed. As the night continues, work your way up onto the pillows so that when they wake to your magnificent breath, they will realize you are the master of the bed.

I hope these help. I know they’ve gotten me a lot of good nights sleep and the occasional night in a kennel but that’s for another blog.

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