Here I am taking one of my famous naps before helping rehabilitate a rescue dog.

There’s a new dog in our house. She smells weird, like sadness. Human momma said the dog was hurt by people and her sadness is leaving her body while she’s here with us. I know I’m supposed to be kind but I don’t like her at all. She growls at me, she growls at everyone and human momma has to spend a lot of time with her helping her trust humans again. I tried talking to this dog. I tried telling her to relax, and human momma told me to quit barking at her. Sometimes I wish human momma understood my words like I understand hers.

One thing people don’t understand about my pack is that all the good work human momma does for the rescue dogs includes us. Stinky dog watches us being good dogs, receiving love and slowly it should sink in that humans aren’t horrible. Slowly, human momma will let us interact with her and she will learn how to be a happier dog. She'll learn that not all humans will hurt her. My job is to get past her growling and that’s easy for me. I don’t like her now because she is sending me bad energy, telling me she wants to fight. Plus, she's stinky. I’m big enough to admit I don’t like the stink.

Human momma has taught me to send good energy out there so I will keep doing that and Stinky will send it back one day. No one can resist human momma and our pack for long. I should rest up in case human momma needs my help later…..

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