Kimber napping

Kimber caught napping on human momma.

Do you have a younger sibling who looks up to you? One that tries to do what you do...and does it maybe too well and it irks you? I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I should feel happy that my little sister, Kimber, wants to be like me but seriously? Napping on my human momma when I want - slash that - need to nap on her? Seriously? Seriously!

Maybe it’s just my nerves because I’ve never felt like this before but for eight weeks the puppies have been taking a lot of human momma’s attention and now Kimber decides it’s OK to nap on her the one time that momma naps on the dog couch? I even have proof and yes, Kimber looks peaceful so I didn’t wake her but next time I totally will.

Being the responsible, older sister is hard work. I want to have my way but I know Kimber needs time with human momma, too, so I made the choice to nap on the floor next to the couch while Kimber slept on human momma. I must’ve slept really well because I didn’t hear momma wake up and she didn’t know I was there and she almost stepped on me. I love how she says my name when she slides her foot off me instead of tripping on me. Letting me know she loves me, just like I love Kimber even when she gets my good nap spots.

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