Me, Genevieve, and my puppies showing off my beautiful smile and eyes.

Hello? Hi there. I’m Genevieve and Trixie asked me to talk to the blog readers to introduce myself. I’m not much of a talker to other adults because I’m usually talking to my babies. Want to know about my babies? To know about my children, I must first tell you about myself. I’m from a shelter in Waco. I’m a Pit Bull and proud of it. My favorite part of being a Pit Bull is my smile. Everyone tells me I have a great smile and beautiful eyes. That might be how I got into the trouble I was in when Trixie’s momma found me.

You see, I was in a delicate way times 10. Ten puppies that is, and after a difficult start, six made it. With help from School of Wags, they are happy bundles of joy. I’ve enjoyed raising this litter and am very grateful it will be my last. It takes a lot of energy to raise puppies and I’m getting too old for this.  

My puppies are all finding their forever homes and I’m waiting on mine. It would be nice to find a home where someone would let me be inside, feel love and know that I will never have to scrounge for food again. It’s hard on a lady when she has to dig for food in the trash.

I love cats, a little too much you might say. I really want to catch them so it’s best I not be in a home with any. Other than that, I do have one slight issue that I’m working on. I’ve got heartworms that are giving me a bit of a hard time. I’m working on getting rid of those and being better than ever so don’t let that scare you from meeting me.

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Hope this Sweetie will find her forever home .... what a darling she is

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