Human momma with one of her Rainbow Bridge babies

Human Momma with one of the babies who lives in the box she keeps in her heart.

The holidays make me think of some of my family that have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge ahead of me. I’m not sure if y’all know about the Rainbow Bridge. Some believe the Rainbow Bridge is where animals wait for their humans. When their humans die, they come to the Rainbow Bridge before they cross into eternity and then human and animal cross over together. If you’re a rescue animal without a human, you can cross over with a rescuer when a rescuer dies and makes it to the Rainbow Bridge.

I have a lot of family at the Rainbow Bridge because human momma accepts a lot of dogs into our family. Unfortunately some of those aren’t well enough to move on for one reason or another. Momma says that when you save dogs, you have to accept that you’re going to lose a few. You don’t have to like it and you can fight for every single one of them, but when it’s their time to go, you gotta love them enough to let them go.

Sadly, I’m learning that lesson, but it’s always been easier for me than momma. I think it’s easier for dogs than humans because y’all think we are like y’all but we know we aren’t. We have a job to do and when it’s done, we know it’s time to go. Momma still misses a lot of the ones she’s said goodbye to. She keeps them in her heart, tucked in a box where she can pull them out when she needs to. Where do y’all keep yours?

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