Britney and her puppies the day they were born.

Puppies! My human momma has got to be even crazier than I originally thought she was. Don’t tell her I said that because y’all know I love her, but she brought home another pregnant dog. And this time, she had puppies earlier than we thought she was going to so now we have two litters of puppies in the house.

Honestly, it’s a sad story and when momma told me about it, I almost teared up. But big dogs don’t cry we drool. Didn’t y’all know that? Let me tell you about this dog: her name is Britney.  Britney is from Houston and human momma got the call that a Bull Mastiff was in the shelter, pregnant and about to be euthanized. She asked for a picture and got a bad one. Even though Britney looked like a bad mix of a Bull Mastiff if a Mastiff at all, momma took the shelter at their word and jumped through hoops to get her out of there.  Are you sitting down?  Here’s where I almost cried.

Human momma got on the phone to the shelter to tell them she would pull Britney into School of Wags Rescue and the guy on the phone starts running down a long hallway. Momma could hear him screaming, "Don’t do it! Wags will take her!” Britney was already in the death chamber with the needle in her arm. That’s how close she came to being put to forever sleep. Can y’all believe it?

Human daddy went to Houston to get her, and he brought her back here. Two days later she had 13 puppies. Two were angel puppies and went to the Rainbow Bridge and 11 are here with us now. That’s right; I get to help raise 11 more puppies. I’m going to need a lot more naps.

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