Trixie and Repo

Me and my main man Repo

My older brother isn’t really my brother; he’s more like my husband. I know it sounds very redneck, but I can explain. Human momma and daddy adopted both of us but we’re more compatible as an old married couple. We rule the dog roost so I think of him as my main doggy man. His name is Repo and he’s 160 pounds of brindle sweetheart.

Human momma and daddy rescued him from a friend in Kentucky who bought him from a breeder in Texas. Repo has bone issues, ACL issues and some attitude issues that even lots of training won’t fix. Momma and daddy met his breeder and even befriended him for a while, trying to help him. But it didn’t work. Human momma said when your heart isn’t right, your body can’t do right things either.

I’m glad I’m a dog. It’s so much easier to see something that needs fixing and fix it or ask for help. If someone is bad, run them away from the pack. It’s easy to be a dog, until I think of the dogs human momma rescues. I guess for them it isn’t easy ... because humans mess things up by over breeding or spoiling them and then dumping them at shelters. That's what my human momma says.

I think I’m going to need another nap. This is harder than I thought.

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