The puppies doing their best imitation of me.....napping.

Five weeks these puppies have been in this house and they are getting rambunctious! I’ll honestly admit that week’s one through three, I contemplated keeping one or four of them but then their eyes opened and their mouths never closed. Thank goodness, human momma got me that surgery where I don’t have puppies.

The momma dog works hard to keep them happy. She’s always eating to feed them their milk and now that they are older, they are eating kibble. When they want kibble, the entire house knows it. Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark from six mouths!! I doubt I was ever that annoying as a puppy.

They do have their positive moments. When their bellies are full and they climb on top of each other to sleep and the puppy snores start, it reminds me of when I was young and carefree. There were lots of naps and love from my siblings who went their own way, never to be seen by me again.

I often wonder what happened to my siblings. Are they still alive? Did they make it? Human momma said that the majority of litters are euthanized before their time. As much as I like the puppies, I don’t understand why people keep bringing them into the world if so many dogs are still being killed. Humans are so confusing.

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George Fox
George Fox

In Killeen you need a permit to breed and sell. Shelter animals and puppies die while you breed.

Trixie Leisinger
Trixie Leisinger

George, these puppies were born after we pulled their mom from a high kill shelter in Waco. We educate the public on spaying and neutering their pets and require all dogs adopted from us to be spayed and neutered at an appropriate age.

Across Texas, breeder laws have gotten stricter but there are not enough enforcement personnel and back yard breeders continue to bring unwanted puppies into our communities. It's a sad situation.

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