Trixie taking one of her many naps

Me napping again

Some human words confuse me. Famous versus infamous for example. I’m not sure which one applies to me and my naps. I like to take naps, so I take a lot of them. I wasn’t able to take a lot of them before I came to live with human momma so I feel like I have a lot to make up for. Whenever human momma needs a nap, I’m the one she calls to go with her. When she’s working on the computer writing her Dog Tales column, I nap at her feet. When anyone is watching television, I nap with them on the couch. In fact, I don’t even put my head out the Expedition window. I nap on car trips.

When I was approached to write a blog, they assured me it would be short and would not get in the way of my naps. It’s the one thing I think y’all humans don’t do enough of: Slowing down. I’m not saying y’all need to nap as much as I do, but how often do y’all slow down and just relax? Sometimes I have to sit on human momma to get her to stop doing stuff. Is that what it takes for the rest of y’all? Do you need me to come sit on you too?

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