Trixie getting creative with a nap

Trixie being creative with one of her naps

Seems there are some sneaky dogs in my house - jumping on my blog to have their say when I am taking a nap! How rude! A girl needs her beauty sleep, doesn’t she? That being the case, I’ve decided to invite them to occasionally borrow my blog to tell you about themselves from time to time. Human momma said it will help y’all get to know them better and give my paws a break from all this typing.

That being said, I have to update y’all on some recent news that has come to my attention. Vegetables are good for me. I don’t mean that they just taste good but they are also good for me! Human momma has been giving them to me for a long time and I love them. Carrots, lettuce, cucumbers and broccoli are so yummy and tail-wagging delicious.

I thought I was getting something sinful but human momma was talking to another human about how to help her dog lose weight. She said give him more vegetables and less kibble. I was confused; my vegetables help me lose weight? Heck, yeah, give me some more.

I’ve also learned they make my butt bark which makes human momma yell “Trixie” and wave her hand in front of her face which makes me laugh. Sometimes the butt barks are really quiet and they sneak up on human momma and she scrunches up her nose and kicks me off the couch. I still laugh because it’s really funny when I bark out of my butt.

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