Too many treats

Too many treats is never a good thing. Here I am relaxing after giving my tummy a workout

Hello, my name is Trixie and I’m a treat addict. I’ve gone zero days without a treat and binged last night. I found the stash of treats human momma has for the foster dogs and well, umm ...  they smelled really good. So I thought I would taste one and that one tasted really good and one led to two. Then before I knew it, the entire bag was gone. I knew I was going to be in big trouble because I have a slight weight problem already, so as soon as I heard human momma up and out of bed, I had my plan of action. I hid.

That’s right, I hid. I don’t really know why but it seemed to make the most sense at the time. I knew she would know it was me since I was the only dog out in that part of the house. But I was on a treat high and I wasn’t thinking straight! I only knew I needed to get out of the area and I couldn’t hide the evidence. So I hid.

Remember I mentioned my slight weight problem? I thought I was hiding but only my front half was actually hiding. My back half was still exposed. Human momma saw me, asked me what I thought I was doing and told me to get outside before I started getting sick on the carpet. She knows me so well.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do bad things feel so good while we’re doing them even though we know we will pay the price later? My butt paid the price for all those treats and my tummy was rolling for hours. Those few minutes of over indulgence weren’t worth it, but if I know me I will probably do it again sometime in the future. As soon as my tummy forgets what it went through today.

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