Trixie modeling her working vest for events.

She’s putting me to work! Some dogs might be upset but I’m no princess, I’m excited! I get to help the rescued dogs that we save. You see, since School of Wags is a nonprofit we don’t make any money. It’s all by donations and that means that everyone helps, even me.

The Board of Directors ordered some awesome vests and I get to wear one at our events. We went to an event several weeks ago and I wore one and made some money. How cool is that? Kids were coming up to me, petting me, wanting their pictures taken with me and putting dollars in my vest. All the money raised is for a really good cause. The money raised helps pay for veterinary care for the rescued dogs that we save, some of which are in pretty bad shape.

I feel so good when I can help others. Human momma says that when you’re feeling down, the best way to feel better is to do something for someone else. Now I know what she means. It sure made me feel good to help the dogs in our rescue and meeting so many awesome people was pretty cool too.

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You are a great Spokes Person Trixie ......

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