Trixie Super Power - upright sleeping

I can sleep sitting up. What's your dog's favorite sleeping position?

I don’t think I’ve told y’all about my super power. I can sleep sitting up. I know a lot of humans can do it and a few dogs but I’m a master at it, in fact there are people who take my picture a lot when I do it. Human momma to be exact! Of course, she takes my picture a lot because I’m adorable, her words not mine.

Before human momma rescued me, I lived in a backyard with no overhead protection. There was only the overhang from the house to keep me dry during rainstorms and shaded during the summer. Human momma thinks I started sleeping like this to make use of the small amount of protection I had. To be honest, it’s comfortable and let’s face it I’m not a real dog; I’m Trixalicious.

What’s your dog’s favorite way to sleep? I’m curious and would love for you to comment on this blog and share it with me.

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